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TIGSource B-Game Competition: A competition to celebrate awfully good games.

You guys, we need to team up and enter this thing. Our community was born to do this.

I volunteer for lead engine coding and music duties.

Does anyone know any (free-ish) rapid game development systems that, like, have script files in text that could go into a version-control system? Does GameMaker do that? XNA Studio? I'd rather not force people to learn my Stackless Python engine, mostly because the tool support just isn't there, but it is pretty freakin' sweet if you know Python.

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You guys, I just had a

You guys, I just had a vision:


It's like ski jumping, but with a train. And scores based on the tricks that you do in midair, how many bystanders you crush when you land, power-ups you collect in the sky, etc. I'm seeing old-fashioned locomotives doing rail grinds off the wings of passing airliners, here.


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Will there be sharks in

Will there be sharks in it?

There better be sharks in it.

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Congratulations! You are

Congratulations! You are now on Team Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com. Current official title: Ted McGinley. Level up by contributing more {ideas / criticism / artwork / sound design / programming}!

Of course this particular idea, if we decide to go for it, requires some fairly serious physics backend support that I suspect no one here has the time, inclination, or expertise to implement from scratch. However, today I discovered the Chipmunk 2D physics library, and its associated Python port Pymunk, and MAN I AM NOW ONE EXCITED MOTHERFUCKER.

Also I have only very vague ideas about how such a game could control. I kind of just want to string along a bunch of boxcars and swing them around haphazardly with the mouse.

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The Little Train That Could, deliver the Nazi gold

I could share my design document for my train game which involves jolliness and saving orphans so that we can cannibalize ideas from it.

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Oh man, Chipmunk looks

Oh man, Chipmunk looks sweeeet. How about rockets? Can it be a rocket train?

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It would be tough for

It would be tough for gravity alone to allow the train to gather the kind of speed that I want!

SIX has joined your party!

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Thus far I have a drawing of

Thus far I have a drawing of a train that I scrawled in Paint with the word "Choo-Choo" on the side, and it falls under the influence of gravity, but right now walls aren't working, so it and the boxcar that hopefully should be attached just fall straight down. (I think I know what's wrong, though.)

Still, it's been almost two weeks and no real progress! THIS IS UNFORTUNATE, especially with PAX this weekend taking both Six and myself out of commission! The chances of me producing an editor that other people can use to create levels in the next two weeks is quite slim!


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A game of some description

A game of some description that is controlled entirely by context sensitive buttons.

We will precede the future of all videogames by doing such a project.

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A single context-sensitive

A single context-sensitive button, perhaps?

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You guys
You guys
You guys
Derek Yu has brought indie heavyweight Jonathan Blow to our cause
We've gotta put together some sort of grand announcement and show the world what we're made of


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Okay, I've just come up with

Okay, I've just come up with an idea in the past two minutes though I have no idea how ambitious it would be to make. It is, however, completely awesome.

It is the deep sea diving equivalent of Parkour and combines physics, luchadores and shark punching/octopus wrestling. Possibly turn-based wrestling though with a timer to keep the action fast flowing and high flying.

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Yes, high flying. Underwater.

Yes, high flying. Underwater.

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If not that, how about any of these...

Santo In the Underground City Of Gold
3 Ninjas Adventure In the Radical Themepark
Stephen Hawking's Trans-America Skitchin' Marathon
Abraham Lincoln in the Chainsaw Cagematch

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Let me put it this way: If

Let me put it this way: If you draw Abraham Lincoln wielding a chainsaw, it's not like I'm going to NOT make a game out of it.