Willy MarMOT'S Vision Quest: Now with a higher barrier to entry!

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So I was aimlessly browsing the internet the other day, and I noticed that someone had updated the MarMOTS homepage.

That's right, bitches: Almost exactly six months after it was first announced, MarMOTS is back online! And Vision #2 has finally been achieved!

To help slow the spread of adoption, you must now log in using your Official Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com Username And Password. (See this posting for reasons why I'm not keen on getting linked from indiegames.com again anytime soon.)

In addition, you must now download and configure SyncTERM -- I'm not currently supporting Flashterm for technical reasons, as well as social reasons. Other telnet clients may or may not work; the enter key is apparently a tricky issue.

Anyway! Please enjoy MarMOTS, and remember: Be excellent to each other.

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I like how the invalid user/password message is also an advertisement for the Klik of the Month.

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Simply delightful

This is so much fun. I also deeply appreciate the Another World reference upon login.

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When highlighted, Pac-Man

When highlighted, Pac-Man becomes kind of terrifying.

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Makes me think of a survival

Makes me think of a survival horror version of Yar's Revenge.

Also check out how Firefox for Mac renders the ANSI:

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Baaah. It looks perfect on

Baaah. It looks perfect on my XP laptop, somewhat ugly on Vista, and about like your screenshot on my iPhone. Don't have a real Mac handy to test on, right now.

Does the attached HTML look better? It still looks like shit on my phone :/ I swiped the styles from this site.

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At some point I'll rip

At some point I'll rip SyncTERM's font and make the HTML generation entirely image-based. Browsers generally don't fuck up putting pictures next to each other, right?

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Wondering about the missing glyphs

The smiley, the arrows, the double s, stuff like that. Are these unavailable because of how Telnet works?

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Short answer: yes. Longer

Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: I think SyncTERM supports a lot (all?) of them, but basically no other telnet client does. Once I beef up HTML generation, I am seriously considering making MarMOTS work entirely in a browser. Making telnet work the way I want it to has been a pain in the ass. (Though I'm sure making browsers work the way that I want them to will also be a pain in the ass.)

I need only uncomment one line of code to turn on smiley face support, though.

The next update in the works is to change the list of drawings in the "lobby" to be in last-modified order. After that, some kind of chat notification.