Princess Queen

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Do battle against other princesses for the coveted title of PRINCESS QUEEN

merritt kopas
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SPOILER I like the

SPOILER I like the thing at the end

also laying down supressing fire with rainbows is satisfying. there was actually strategy to beat that damn 3rd enemy princess.

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Thanks! Would you remove

Thanks! Would you remove your comment about the ending? Or make it less specific?

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It is not possible to edit

It is not possible to edit your own comment after someone has replied to it. Probably the only one who can edit it would be an admin.

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What, really? This software,

What, really? This software, man. I don't get it at all. I edited your comment for you, Kirk.

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sorry!! I wasn't sure if my

sorry!! I wasn't sure if my description of it was what it really was or just my interpretation. there might be another joke of it I don't get

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Wait, guys, I didn't get the

Wait, guys, I didn't get the ending, please spoiler it for me. :(

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A couple thoughts

- Next time, if it's easy to do so, it might be a good idea to have WASD be aliases for the arrow keys. For laptops with built in mice, having to use arrow keys + mouse at the same time means mousing with your left hand which is serious cognitive dissonance.
- I kept wanting to use the "castle" as cover. That might have created some possibilities for actually kind of sophisticated gameplay. This didn't seem to actually be possible though? The left tower worked as cover but not any other part.
- rot13: Gur guveq cevaprff fubbgf orsber fur vf ivfvoyr? V qba'g xabj vs gung vf vagragvbany

Anyway I finally won by, wrapping my left arm under my right one so I could mouse with my right hand, taking cover behind the left tower whenever I wasn't shooting, and eventually just memorizing the positions where the princesses spawn.

Thank you for posting an HTML5 game, I usually can't play KOTM stuff cuz everything is Windows, that was cool

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Thanks for the comments! I

Thanks for the comments! I need to get better at creating solid terrain in Construct -- the second tower sometimes works as cover but not often. I'll also incorporate WASD support in future things, I don't think it's too difficult to do.

I also have a lap top

with a built in arrows and a touchpad... I just do it externally though...

What Can I say this was fun and it was a breath of frashe air. I played it before but didn't leave a note. I like how uniform and simple it is.. QUICK loading too.