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This is my first KOTM entry. Made it in GameMaker Studio, and it's the first time I'm using Game Maker.

I didn't really have an idea when the jam started, so the game's not very impressive. Your goal is to pick up the green things and avoid the red things. You can change your size with the WASD keys and move around with arrow keys. If you want to try again, close the game and run it again.

Also I'm sorry about the music.

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Took me a while to realize I

Took me a while to realize I wanted to get the green stuff and avoid the red.

There's an interesting mechanic in that... like if it was just survival (not make yourself wide to catch more stuff), and maybe it was so that width and height were inversely related? so you couldn't just shrink into a little square, but you had to squish a bit to fit the setting...

That's a cool idea

I was also thinking a more difficult version could be where there's always a vertical and horizontal wave coming at you at the same time and you need to be the right shape. I actually wanted to make it so that you have to hit the green ones, but trying to finish it in the time I had while figuring out how to use Game Maker I figured this was easier, since I would have had to change the patterns so that it wouldn't just be impossible.

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Nice, I thought the same

Nice, I thought the same thing, width and height being inversely related (so two buttons, one for 'widen' and one for 'make taller').

I enjoyed the music.

I scored 10 :) Nice job!

I scored 10 :) Nice job!

Yeah, I found myself wanting to just shrink into a square, but avoided doing so because it felt like a cheat. :)