Jazz Blocks

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This game has nothing to do with jazz. Rather, it was inspired by the old "JezzBall" and "Maxwell's Maniac" games from the Microsoft Entertainment Pack.

Guide the bouncing ball so it rolls over all the coins. Once all the coins have been collected, the exit opens up. Bring the ball to the exit to progress to the next level.

You can drag the blue squares with the mouse. They are useful for guiding the ball toward or away from different areas. You can even use them to completely block off certain areas. Brown squares disappear when the ball hits them. Don't let the ball hit the spikes.

Download includes source .mfa.

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It's an interesting blend of

It's an interesting blend of building and breakout... I'm so terrible at it but I dig the concept.

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This was pretty awesome,

This was pretty awesome, nice mechanic. Breakout level was maddening!

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I'm considering turning this

I'm considering turning this into a full game, and if/when I do that I'll probably introduce larger block shapes so that it's easier to catch the ball.