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Hats are a feature!

Thanks for checking this out, this is my latest visual novel masterpiece Dratmask. It is a beast in size and without enough oomph even on my powerful netbook i've seen it do weird things like characters disappear and the like, so ....

This is dratmask, the plot is ... spoiler, it's a vn. Uhh, it's sort of like 2nd place as it's the sequel, and the song that gets played after 2nd place, so it's naturally a longer song so the game is longer. A lot more work went into this one.

Also if the game crashes after the second song is done playing, that's normal. That's the end of the game. I don't know how to make that not normal, but this is okay. I may make some noise on the forums and ask real nicely and provide them with the sauce and whatnot.

Major thanks go to:
Erik for supplying the engine http://visualnovelty.com/index.html
Mr. T for supplying some voices
Mikan of http://skimlines.com for supplying "Wendy" and in the first vn "Peter"
scribb0 for the character grog this time around http://destructocon.com/
gen8's Anime Face Maker 2 http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/289/5/5/anime_face_maker_2_by_gen8-d30uny4.swf
xdanond's Anime Character Maker 2 http://www.kongregate.com/games/xdanond/anime-character-maker-2

disclaimer: opening the sauce 7z file is spoiler and was meant to do after the game, but i might have been to vague on hinting the password, so yeah, change order there at your own discretion.

VIP thanks:
TTTPPP, Madtom, Scribbit, Goldenhog, Newt, and Bagofmagicfood.

Spindleyq, linhat, cclemon, effbee, pirate_sephiroth, erokky, true, mrsparkle, ray, mojofltr, noyb, orion, oswald, surlent, mizzq, spyroboy, tonyb486, uhh my brother hat, and paul/davr0s

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Is "I LIVE IN A BEAKER" the end? It's as far as it would go, so I'm assuming yes. Everything was very alive, and there were hats.


uhh, no, and by no i mean yes. I forgot to list hats as a feature so thanks for reminding me~

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bushrod goty..

. this is amazing! you really captured my likeness... thanks for putting me into your game

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Interesting metatextuality

Interesting metatextuality here, where the game itself contains a mix tape of games given from one character to another. Was the 1996 RTF part of one of the games or something you wrote yourself?

Lol those are just games I

Lol those are just games I really like... I just wanted to share them.

I just wanted to present them in an easter egg fashion.. I got permission to release torch, and I'm sure the rest don't mind. Newt would be honored.

ohh, I didn't know what you meant by RTF, I'm presuming the part at the end. Yeah, I wrote that. I didn't sing the song at the end though.

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I am so confused.

I am so confused.

For those with Compatibility Issues for NovelTy


Maybe those who don't want to download and extract a 22 meg game or are running a bsd system or a x system, I've posted a lootube link for it, and it looks like with stalling and doing all the voices the game ends up being 11 minutes long, about the time it takes for the song in it to play so I guess it was an overall success. Anyone who's interested, I think NovelTy brings the experimental out if you want it to.


ah well, good enough. Enjoy