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So, MarMOTS has been live for a little over a week now, and you guys have cranked out some phenomenal stuff. It makes me very excited and pleased to see people enjoying my dinky little creation and building cool stuff with it.

My TODO list looks like this:

  1. Fix horrible crashing bug that happens when you type a single character
  2. notification on chat update
  3. Rename, delete picture
  4. Display last modified date
  5. version control (being able to snapshot a version of a drawing such that you can always come back to it)
  6. ANSI Gallery should show drawing name
  7. Who's Online (this could even be shown live on the website without logging in)
  8. Better HTML generation (either homebrewn or using Ansilove)
  9. Keyboard shortcut for switching special characters / colours
  10. block select
  11. Eyedropper tool
  12. Layer support

I'm interested to hear all of your thoughts on what I should work on next. (Obviously the crash bug needs to get fixed ASAP.) What items on that list are important to you? What items could you do without? What items would you add?


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Chat notification would be

Chat notification would be very good! Our current method is to type TXT onto the screen.

Drawing suggestions:

- Toggle cursor wraparound? In the isometric lawn pic, I avoided drawing the rightmost column because it takes so long to reposition the cursor after it wraps.

- Cautiously suggesting flood-fill ... it could wreak havoc on a screen with multiple users. But filling in outlines would be much easier.

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MarMOTS is back up! The bug

MarMOTS is back up! The bug was really nasty, but everything seems OK now. I've tweaked my loader code so that I'll catch this sort of thing sooner (upgrade code fixing things up properly but not saving properly).

Chat notification coming soon. I might put chat on its own tab or something, too, so that I can dedicate more space to it. (I'm thinking of how I'm going to add the user interface to support layers.)

I've fixed up the cursor wraparound; as far as I can remember, the only reason I made it work that way was to make inline chatting easier. With MarMOTSchat(tm), of course, this is no longer an issue. Thanks for the tip.

I think I'd want to implement undo before implementing flood-fill. (That might go for block selections, too.)

Is there any interest in advanced navigation? Ie, hitting ctrl-arrow to skip across expanses of blank space? Home / end support? Just curious.

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I'm interested in some kind

I'm interested in some kind of fast-move, be it a fixed number of spaces or something more clever.

Oh, forgot to mention that the cursor camouflages with certain dithered blocks if you have the same colour selected. Example: the dark green on the tree pic.

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Oh, also, does anyone care

Oh, also, does anyone care that the chat logs are wiped out when I restart the server?

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MarMOTS Update!

  1. Chat notification! The status bar now turns orangebrown when someone says something in MarMOTSchat(tm).
  2. The extended character set selector now shows you what the characters look like with the colours you've selected! This is so obvious once you see it in action.
  3. Fairly extensive refactoring of UI code! This isn't really visible to you, as a user, but as a programmer, I like to let everyone know how much work I did to achieve such a straightforward result -- it helps me feel good about myself.