Themed Trainwreck Somedays #5: Crazy Contraptions

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Sat, Oct 13 2012 04:00 PM
10/13/2012 - 16:00
10/13/2012 - 18:00

Great scot! Well, if it isn't time for yet another Themed Trainwreck Somedays! I do believe it will be happening the thirteenth of October from 4 to 6pm (GMT -7)!

Now, you're probably wondering what all this is about, then? Well I believe this is what they refer to as a "game jam," for you see, it is about making games! Oh, but you shouldn't just be making any old game! Oh, no no no no! That would be absent-minded! No, you must create a game that suits the theme, and that theme is... let's see here... *ahem* "Inventions/Technology!"

Perhaps now you are looking for some inspiration? Have you taken a look at any of Leonardo da Vinci's many inventions? How about Rube Goldberg's contraptions, now? Maybe you should take a look around the house? I assure you, there is inspiration to be found in all sorts of places!

You don't need to be a rocket scientist in order to make games! Why not try Klik & Play on for size? Special instructions on usage are supplied here, and if you find the tool unwieldy to use, try selecting a different game-making apparatus off of this shelf, here? Oh, and let's not forget that do-hickey they refer to as "chat"! They say it's the best thing since the invention of the telephone!

Once you are finished, you may submit your wondrous inventions by clicking here with your computer mouse! Oh, speaking of, that mouse of yours has all kinds of bells and whistles in it! You know, balls and dials and all sorts of spinning things! They say that in the future, computer mice will even be powered by lasers! Brilliant, I say!

(OOC: Thought I'd try something a little bit different this time. Previous TTS events sort of dictated the game genre, but this time the focus is more thematic. Still, I suppose you could use the theme as the basis of your game's genre and create something sort of like "The Incredible Machine". That's up to you. The "Technology" portion of the theme is sort of a catch-all for people who might have difficulty coming up with something that fits "Inventions".)

Games made for Themed Trainwreck Somedays #5: Crazy Contraptions


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The first thing that popped

The first thing that popped in my head when I read that title was The Incredible Machine.

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This reminds me, i should

This reminds me, i should replay MDK sometime

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Ah yes I will

Ah yes I will CREATE!!!!!!!!...........


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If you're looking for some

If you're looking for some inspiration:

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There's already a game made in KNP that works like the incredible machine, check it out: (it's the first game on the list)

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Some ideas: - Base your

Some ideas:

- Base your game around a particular invention, like: the wheel, telephone, Penny-farthing, rocket, ...sliced bread?
- Primitive vs. advanced technology.
- The ghost in the machine.
- Building a car, or perhaps something else

To be honest

I think the genre-specific themes are better at encouraging creativity - I've noticed from Ludum Dare etc. that thematic themes tend to lead one halfway to an idea, but require your brain to think your way to the other half. Genre themes are better because they give you 90% of the idea, so you have much less conceptual work to do.

Learn Braille!

I uploaded a brailler simulator that I made to help me learn to braille. So far, only the lowercase alphabet is implemented.

ASDF JKL; to place/remove a dot in a cell. When released, the character will be typed if it coincides with an actual letter in the alphabet.
P for cheat sheet

I'm not sure how well it fits with the theme, but whatever. :D