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A "Game Generation Tool" by Ian Bogost and a bunch of other academics. You define the game logic in a flow chart fashion by placing nouns and connecting them with verbs, matching nouns to clip art either provided by the site or uploaded by the developer, and letting it randomly pick win/loss conditions and core gameplay. Its creators intend it to be used by news outlets to create games based on current events, but let's be honest here. It's a trainwreck generator.

Site: (email registration required)
Sample games:

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My first game was this one, whose sole "line" of "source code" is "Yellow Jogger heals François Lionet".

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Consumerist Game! Originally, I was going for a pretentious game involving Samsung's Android phones trying to reach the store and Apple's Lawsuits trying to destroy said phones, but after hitting "Try Another" about a gazillion times, it spit out a game where you played as a lawsuit and you had to drag a store OFF THE MAP. I thought that was way funnier, so I decided that was the final game.

Edit: Second game! It's a game about using the Game-o-Matic. I hope it doesn't violate their ToS...

Edit 2: Third "game"! The whole concept of establishing relationships between objects... having objects that can make or eat other objects or whatever reminded me of those ecosystem simulation games with the grass, sheep and wolves. So I made this weird thing. It features birds, cats, dogs, monsters, and... Hilary Clintons. Also each animal gives birth to its predator for some weird reason. And each Hilary Clinton is also capable of birthing each animal type. Yes, it is silly but otherwise the ecosystem would die.

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If only you could rename objects after generating a game. :|