Game jams you may enjoy

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Make a game in zero hours! When the clock rolls back for daylight savings, you get a FREE HOUR which you can use any way you like! Use it to make a game. I probably won't, but be sure to click on the "rules" tab, it is awesome.

Fuck This Jam - make a game within a genre that you hate. Seriously considering making an old-school RPG, set in an actual old school.

Maybe others? There are basically cool internet game jams going on all the time. Post some that you're thinking of doing!

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Fuck This Jam! looks

Fuck This Jam! looks amazing. I might actually participate in it.

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Love the concept behind 0h

Love the concept behind 0h Game Jam. Totally up for that one.

Fuck This Jam I'm not so sure about. I mean, the genre I hate the most would have to be MMORPG, but I really doubt I'd be able to make one in the allotted time (and I'm not sure if I'd want to make one even if time permits). I also kind of hate traditional fighting games and RTS games but the former has been parodied before and the latter I simply don't have enough experience with... unless the whole point of the jam is to look at game genres from a fresh perspective.

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"Through utter ignorance for

"Through utter ignorance for conventions and hate for the established rules of a genre, beautiful things will happen."

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Man, if I could think of a

Man, if I could think of a game genre I actually hate, I might do this. The idea of the event is so promising.

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How about... intentionally

How about... intentionally broken casual freemium games? Is that a genre?