The Short-sighted Scarecrow

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Help the poor myopic scarecrow to reach its destiny. the game is simple. move to the right and jump, but you'll find something that will turn the situation a lot more complicated.

Also, this is the first game to feature my OWN MIDI SONGS HELL YEAH

i ain't no musician take it easy with me

flavius v. maximus
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I have put this game on for presentation about 3 or 4 times with why do musiciaothaioc always haveiaot to wear a hat and i'd have to say it packs a punch and is tuff.. I WAS complaining to thin air about hte control schemes.. but... then I stopped to think, what control scheme would a scarecrow have really? So I stopped complaining and started conforming to the control scheme you wanted us to have, because that is pretty much how scarecrows move..

The music is GREAT... Listen to that beat.. And yes scarecrows ARE spooky so don't let smedis discourage you with your comments and if you have a way to produce games like this and that other one I really like then by all means keep it up... I can't beat this one or get near the end but I'm not gonna give up, I'll keep trying.. As I'm playing the other one on and off. I'll persevere sir. Till then enjoy the screenshot I provided as an attachment of another way you can get a "game over press f2 to restart sir and/or ma'am" kind of situation.

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That screenshot made me

That screenshot made me laugh hard