Uggin it

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Uggin it, just 6 feet of uggin.. for you not them. Description in game, or as a file attachment. Will try to compatible it for nuuu grounds in the future. Enjoy the screenshot of stage 3.. I paranimated it for your "amusment" so enjoy and take care good sir.

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An event
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This is the most flattered I

This is the most flattered I have ever been, and I am dreadfully sad I don't have 32-bit Windows with me so I can play it.


Yo, don't fret sir. Click the text file to get a feel for it if you want, or get the tools from the first sticky in locomotive engineers.. But I'm gonna try to make it newgrounds compatible.

It'll take time. It took me days to get hillbilly bongo school up and running and tgf2 compatible. You can also get a copy of The Games Factory 1 and i assume that's win64 compatible. .. otherwise I'll eventually get it up, and it runs in tgf2 newgrounds but i'll have to flash tweak it for it to work online, so bear with me, i'll get your level to work and make it so anyone with flash can play it. It's a gameplay level, so I at least gave it an animated gif. It's a bit short though.

Take a look at hillbilly bongo school or prehistoric dungeon family in the meantime for a taste of the flow though, that should make the time less. I'm proud of klik technology incorporation.

lemme try