The Nervous System (1)

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This ran over. I started at 4, when I was supposed to start ("started" loosely, I sat around being fucked up for half an hour) but instead of finishing at 6 I finished at 8. Oh well!

This is a prototype for a more complicated game I'm planning to make and name The Nervous System. In its current form, it's basically a slightly weird form of Snake.

Mac and Windows versions included. My score was 25.

EDIT: PS, source code

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-- My own thoughts (spoilery?!)

I think this turned out neat and I want to work on it more, but, unfortunately, there's an "optimal" strategy which is unbelievably boring to play and which gets you what I think is a best-possible score (I was able to get a 31 by playing this way... you'll probably work it out if you think about it but an optimal game looks something like Oh, BTW, I think if you get a truly optimal game, like you fill the board 100%, the game will probably crash). This junky little thing seems fun to me when I'm ducking around and up and down and then trying to make up for my mistakes, but if I'm playing "optimally" it's just dull. I think I could make up for that though if there were some "built in" hazards on the course, like, a couple small randomly placed 2x2 walls that force you to play nonoptimally and actually think... which is good because what I'm aiming for is more navigating a series of puzzles and not so much "snake".

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Looking forward to what this

Looking forward to what this turns into. In the meantime, turn-based neon snake is pretty cool.