Village Vampire Feast

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Spoooooooky times ahead!

You're a vampire and you've just come to this village, looking to feed off the local populace and survive as long as you can. Avoid the police's bullets and create a vampire army to help distract the authorities, but make sure you leave yourself enough to eat!

- For each living person (cop or citizen) you eat, you get 100 points, plus a 50% health regeneration
- For each second you stay alive, you get 10 points
- You do not get points or health for eating vampires

- Press X to eat (drain the blood of) a living person or a vampire
- Press C to convert citizens or cops into vampires
- If a citizens are close to the site of a vampire (you or your another vampire) execution, one will be stirred to justice and become a cop
- Cops will chase and shoot at other vampires if they're close
- If vampires are hungry, they will eat cops or citizens when they meet them
- Every 15 seconds you stay alive, a new citizen will move into town
- Sometimes when a male and female citizen meet, they will have a new citizen! It's important to leave some citizens alive so they'll create new citizens and leave you with a supply of food

UPDATE 10/24:
- Revamped map, including new lake and graveyard areas
- New icon, title screen, and sound effects
- Converted vampires are now more effective as distractions
- Cops no longer crowd into the same space, making it more possible to pick them off in groups
- Introduced visible genders
- Various invisible tweaks that make the game more interesting and fun to play!

Ghosts2.mid from Curlys Spooky Halloween Midi Music

John D. Moore
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Very fun game. Played it for

Very fun game. Played it for a while trying to find a good strategy. It's great when converted vampires attack the cops, and when people start multiplying in the center -- emergent behavior ftw!

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Thanks very much! I do wish

Thanks very much! I do wish a sensible strategy was more apparent, and I think good playing might largely come from trying to isolate and execute the cops, which is difficult to do as is.

I spent a good extra two hours working on balancing and making the game feel more interesting once the core game was established. I'm personally a big fan of when you're happy with your vampire converts have helped you eliminate the cops, but then they start turning citizens into cops by killing wantonly and it's a bigger problem than before. I'm thinking about how I might be able to expand or improve on this game's ideas. Less randomness and more visibility is perhaps the key (each of the citizens has a secret randomly assigned gender and a reproductive timer, and maybe at least making the gender visible would help). A better level design with more nooks and crannies might also be good. I started this as a dumb lark, but I'm pretty happy with how it's come together.

Again, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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I just uploaded a big update

I just uploaded a big update that alters and improves the game quite a bit. This may be the final release, but I'm really happy with how this has come together so far, and I'm thinking about how to improve it (including a possible competitive two-player mode/version). If anyone has any feedback, please let me know!

Also, curious to see if anyone can beat my high score of 6070! If they wanna try!