MarMOTS Vision #3 Achieved!

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Just deployed a great big delicious update!

  1. Edit pictures with layers!
  2. Fast cursor movement with Home/End/PgUp/PgDn!
  3. ANSI algorithms rewritten using Cython for MASSIVE SPEED BOOST!
  4. See when pictures were last modified!
  5. I think saved ANSI might not look like shit under OS X anymore?
  6. Probably some other little nice things!
  7. Bullet points!

I just moved a week ago, and I have a good hour every day on the bus to work on MarMOTS now. I cannot stress enough how awesome that is, and how much more progress you're all going to see because of it.

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It'd be neat if we could rename layers by hovering and typing at them or something.

I just noticed the chat tab glowing if there's a new message. Is that new? Does the word "menu" at the bottom glow similarly, in case you're spending a while outside the menu?

Where can I find a saved ANSI to find out if it looks okay on OS X? The gallery is full of old-version pictures, and saving doesn't seem to add one to the gallery.

It'd be nice if the cursor didn't blink while it was moving, so that we could see where it's moving to more reliably.


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Oops, I accidentally

Oops, I accidentally misconfigured the server to save the ANSI files in the wrong place. I've fixed it, and the new files are up in the ANSI gallery. They still look like shit on my iPhone :(

Renaming layers is definitely on my list and should be really easy to implement.

In the previous update, there were no tabs in the interface, so technically the chat tab glowing is new. My last update made the status bar turn yellow when there were unviewed chat messages; in this latest update I changed it to cyan because yellow means "selected".

Turning off cursor blink while moving should be doable; I'll add it to my todo list.

Programmer gloating: Looked at my CPU usage; my rewritten drawing routines are easily 3-4x faster! Hooray! Thank you, Cython. MarMOTS is about 3000 lines of code; the drawing routines alone are now 500. There's only 650 lines of whiteboard-specific code. I love working on this project; there's no bullshit in it.

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It looks fine on OS X now!

It looks fine on OS X now! Kinda weird that it doesn't on the iPhone—it's possible that they omitted some characters in some fonts to save on space or something; I wouldn't be surprised if it were a lost cause.

Would it be a trivial or a Terribly Complicated task to convert all the old ANSI pictures to the new format? You know, for historians.

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Implemented layer renaming

Implemented layer renaming and the cursor not blinking on the bus this morning. The cursor thing was such a big usability win that I made it live just now.

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it froze on me

I had just created a new layer, went to rename it, overshot the renaming field, and then it wouldn't respond.

I tried quitting, re-logging in, and selecting the spooky cube picture again, but it gave me a black screen.

I can access other pictures, though.

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Oh shit! I think I know

Oh shit! I think I know where the bug is, but recovering the picture may be tough. For now, avoid the layer renaming feature. I'll try and get it fixed tonight.

Sorry, should have tested this more :/

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Good luck!

Also don't worry about recovering the picture, it was just a cube outline.

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Turned out to be easier to

Turned out to be easier to fix than to find the old backup :) I also put in some bulletproofing so that similar bugs won't cause such serious death in the future.

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Is backspace the only way to get a transparent character on a higher layer? It can't reach tiles on the far right.

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Hmm, hadn't considered that.

Hmm, hadn't considered that. I'll see about making the delete key work too.