PLON (Platforming Version Of Tron)

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Something I made during Assemblee that I didn't want to enter into the contest (given the complete lack of interest in my ACTUAL entry I probably should have). It's a 2 player game with Player 1 (Sir PLONelot) using A and D to move left and right with W to jump, while Player 2 (Madame de PLONpadour) uses the left and right arrow keys with up to jump.

The concept was to have everything be used by the same sprite, however I've added an option to change the sprite used with the C button. Warning this may provide seizure inducing and/or game breaking side effects.

The gameplay revolves around not touching anything but your own PLON field and even then you have to crap out a new PLON block within a certain time or you lose.

Made with Game Maker 7 Lite.


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this is a difficult game to play on your own

i still won, though

- a dedicated plonnoisseur

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Yes, I mostly just made

Yes, I mostly just made pretty symmetrical patterns when I was testing the controls.