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i dont know anymore
press shift to fire

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An event


If you don't know what it is or how to explain it

How are we going to understand? Just look at it... It's probably what we were all looking for. It's an early release from the smedis.

I think this one was fun and had a lot of potential. If you still have the sauce it'd be interesting to see a rehash of different modes... maybe like a constant stream version... a version with lives. I'd say and a menuman, but I myself haven't learned the concept of a menuman. Those are really hard to do so I can understand why a menuman would be tough.. I might be adopting the menuman medium soon since most people even though they don't like the release things at some of the other portals... they love menus.. I liked them back when I made ztz games. I'd make all sorts of innovative menus, but you know.

Keep on uggin it smedis.