Don't Freeze to Death... and mind the axe murderer.


Don't Freeze to Death... and mind the axe murderer (alternatively DFTD) is my first attempt at any game jam whatsoever, in my first attempt in Game Maker. Done in -just- over 2 hours.

It is about a lone hiker who becomes lost in the snowy wilderness and must make fire from sparse trees in order to stop himself from perishing in the harsh cold.

Also there's an angry guy with an axe who keeps popping up.

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Congrats on stepping into

Congrats on stepping into the world of game jams! It's a pretty cool (lol) idea! I never could figure out how to use my firewood to keep myself from freezing to death, though, I'm afraid. How do I do that?

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Oh! By clicking on the fire

Oh! By clicking on the fire with your mouse! I'm dumb.

I like this kind of resource management thing. It's fun, and I like that panic when you see the axe guy coming for you. If you wanted to, you could certainly expand on the core concepts (one small thing I'd love to see is a prohibition on going back where you immediately came from).

But anyway. Welcome!