Assault on Crater Bulb

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This game is inspired primarily by ZiGGURAT, Outpost Nexus and SpaceInvader! The news ticker is inspired by Super Mario Sunshine. The tractors are inspired by Team Fortress 2. The environment is loosely inspired by Return of the Invaders.

Defend the lone frontier town, Crater Bulb, from these brightly coloured invading ships! Bounce shots off the floor of the crater to attack airborne and ground foes alike. Charge up to fire one of three different shots, each with unique abilities and purposes. Beware: if even one enemy trooper reaches the city, they will immediately surrender! Undoubtedly, heroic sacrifice isn't the Crater Bulb citizen's top priority.

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Now only if Paratrooper was

Now only if Paratrooper was like this.

Nice game!

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That news ticker is really

That news ticker is really distracting.


so much fun. it means a lot to me and it keeps the joy up. Keep on uggin it sir. I got to a minute and 20 seconds and was soooo happy. I hope i can go longer some day.