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First thing I've ever made in The Games Factory 1. It's a joy to use and improved *SO MUCH* over K&P. So now I'm using it in K&P's place :3

Anyway, this was gonna be a big ass game thing but oops i got lazy/ran out of ideas for it so yeah, enjoy this small thing of what could've been.

2018 Extra Notes: 2012 me clearly had more of a care-free attitude to be posting rather political things like this, especially the end result of it too. But hey, the title is very much accurate. At least I included dedicated YEARGH.wav and SPANK.wav buttons. That's pretty cool. Otherwise, this one isn't worth bothering with.

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the tags tho



it disturbs me how you

it disturbs me how you comment your own game years after
but still it's nice what comes out of people's head on a first try

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Thanks! The 2015 comment was

Thanks! The 2015 comment was probably just a random thing I found amusing as I was revisiting stuff but idk like.

The thing this is for me is like. Backtracking and revisiting exactly what I was doing a few years back and seeing how they hold up. I've changed a lot since I made everything published on here. I'd say the only things that kept consistent were my sense of humour/writing and also my innate ability to start work on something, foolishly announce it as being worked out and then never touching it again for ages. I guess maybe it's this subconciously sad thing of "ah, remember when I used to dick about and make silly video games all the time? those were the days." but at the same time I don't feel sad about any of this. I kinda wish I was still making this stuff but whenever I do I either get instantly lost and unable to progress past like the first screen or I get really far into making something but then hit a brick wall halfway through it all thus leading to it never being finished. The whole "Just make stuff" rule never really applied to me so yeah.

Another problem is that for some reason I have this weird ego about me on here that makes me feel as if I'm hot shit when in reality I'm totally not, I'm just some random fucker who appeared one day, made some goofy ass games for like 2 years and then completely vanished, only keeping in touch with like three people on here (all of whom are still active). Sure back when I was making stuff this site was somewhat less active and popular and my random shit got a small bit of attention, namely from ghettowreath ("we need more linhat games" etc). It's kinda interesting how a somewhat younger mind can affect your future feelings and thoughts of yourself in a particular area.

Most of what I made on here was what came out of my head on first try. This isn't the first thing I ever did, it was my first use of TGF1, carrying previous experience from KnP. I'm not an actively political person myself and I shan't dive into that, but this thing pretty much explains exactly *why* I'm not actively political, haha. If you play any of my games you'll notice it all has a weirdly freeform and incomprehensible feel to it all. My games are p. much the definition of the "seeing what sticks" line on the front page. There's that ego again.

Anyway, you probably weren't expecting such a big reply and tbf neither was I. It's nearly 3am here and I get rather talkative at late night, even if it's just in the form of replying to a simple comment. I wish you luck in your future game making endevours and hope you dont fall into the same traps I've fallen into repeatedly, including the ones I've not even mentioned.

Well I can relate to all

Well I can relate to all that since I also did some short experiment I was really excited about in 2013, much fewer in 14-15 and none afterwards, and I shut down my website (or more precisely I stopped paying for the hosting) and back in the day I also so had some ego feelings about how was what I was doing because some of my games were shared on what I would perceive as prominent website or by prominent figures of the microscopic arthouseindiegaming scene. But the main thing is that at that time I was expecting videogames to mature very quickly as an artform and I was excited to have a chance to be a part of it, even on a very small scale. But it did not happen like I dreamed of, although it could still happen, well, I grew more and more disappointed both about the games that were realeased and about the critical approach / description / journalism around these games of the indie scene. And in this context of disappointment my own games also felt like a contribution to a general failure and not like a contribution to moving forward towards new interesting art formsAnother thing I lacked was an IRL community, i'm very much of a team person and I believe in the power of collective intelligence over the creative capacities of the individual, and also I find it boring not to be excited with IRL people about what I do, so in that area my work or other hobbies were more satisfying than videogame creating and it's also a reason why I moved forward from it. Now I have this new project that is partially ongoing, I'm a bit afraid that I end up in the situation you describe where you start something massive, start talking about it and then stop and forget about it, so i am trying to maintain motivation and ideas ; that's why I opened a devlog and from time to time I try to go to gamemaking events although i'm still very disappointed by what is done and said there, and the immaturity of the community makes me question the maturity of my own project.