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Edit: You're of course welcome to continue putting games on ice but I have edited this to yield to the klik of tje month club.

Hey I don't know what you yous are gonna be doin on 10 11 12 but I have this feeling it's gonna get cooooold... There's a lot of games out there that aren't attached to events. If you're bored or something and wanna move a nonevent game to an event you can put it on ice now!

I like ice cubes... they're like a cooler. When it's hot it keeps things hot. When it's cold it keeps things cold. How do it know?

So yeah, events organizize and stuff, there is none, cuz one of these days i've got to get organizized. Travis Bickle did it the best... here's a picture of him..
It inspires me sometimes. He was all about productivity..

And you can too. If you have something you want on ice, either now or before, now is the time because after a while ice eventually melts, even in a cooler... so how long does that ice take to melt? it takes a little while.. You have to be careful that it doesn't melt too much then you'll be all frownie sir and/or madam.

Like for instance this red bracelet is red and stuff. It helps so many people out for some reason and looks mysterious.. That can happen to you too!

POST AGME... ENJOY AGME.. EVEN IF YOU JUST WANTED TO POST A SNOG.. or a paragraph.. or lyrics.. yoiu know, to put it on ice. because ice makes people so happy. Who does it make happy? I don't even know. You're excited though so just be careful not to go too much because excitement is eXtreme dangEr. Well I don't know how much.. But don't get too overcome. Just put it on ice.. and later on when the ice melts you could move it to another event if you want. But you could always put it back in the freezer.. Freezer hooo hoop hoop.

Sometimes you just have to hold a hoss up.. That's what you do.. Here it is.



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