Truffles Stealth Action


A little time ago I started thinking about a stealth game where enemies would track you by sense of smell. This turned into a silly prototype where actually the enemies just have a larger collision radius and move in fixed paths, so it's not even really a "stealth" game. You control the last truffle on earth (trust me, I looked at several pictures of truffles to try to get it right, if it looks like something else that's my lack of skill...) trying to avoid the pigs that can detect you if you get too close. Anyway, it was already on ice so, why not add it to this event... I just added some screens (title, game over) and another "level".

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An event



That game was TOUGH.. I didn't know you could play it like this.. I didn't like how i dind't know how to restart a level... I liked the effects... I thought it was too hard at first.. and kept... reloading the game.. space restarts, i know that now.. I gave it a chance and I was happy with the game... and the extra level was... WOW... I don't know what to say but... confusing. I can't give anything away... Effects are nice. The extra screens are nice. I think it was super harder where space restarted the whole thing and level 2? was so crazy it made level 1 easy cuz you knew the steppin.. the steppin of hte truffle.