Klik of the Month Klub/Year One

Year One

Klik of the Month Klub #10
  1. Indirect Invaders (snapman)
  2. Basho (kirkjerk)
  3. Wave Catcher (mojofltr)
  4. Sunday Balloon Trip (Pizza Time)
  5. Well Well Well (SpindleyQ)
  6. Chinese Office Plus (Haze)
  7. HELL: A Brief Jaunt (BiggerJ)

Klik of the Month Klub #9

  1. T(anks)GF (Pizza Time)
  2. EJEIAP&WQ (BiggerJ)
  3. Post-Apocalypso (SpindleyQ)
  4. Mr. Sun (Six)
  5. Hunter & Hunted (snapman)

Klik of the Month Klub #8

  1. Interst8-bit (Pizza Time)
  2. Virtual Sisyphus (kirkjerk)
  3. That Series: Episode 1 (BiggerJ)
  5. Young Abraham Lincoln In Loooove (In Space) (SpindleyQ)
  6. Lemmings Force (snapman)

Klik of the Month Klub #7

  1. Flebs (BiggerJ)
  2. Zombie Invasion: The Body Explosion (Pizza Time)
  3. Pushing The Button Will Destroy The World With An Explosion (BiggerJ)
  4. Cats II (Six)
  5. Berry Command (snapman)
  6. Phoneme Invaders (kirkjerk)
  7. Essential Jellyfish (Eudaimon)
  8. UTOPIA (Haze)
  9. Andrew Bogut's Basketball Explosion 2009 (captaincabinets)

The Klikth Day of Klikmas (Klik of the Month Klub #6)

  1. pixl klaus in whar be my pants is at (SpindleyQ)
  2. Penguins Are Attacking Your Dude! (PenguinSeph)
  3. The Last Hanukkah (Six)
  4. T-Rex Saves X-Mas (BotageL)
  5. These Bastard Elves Are Trying To Santanap Christmas You Must Stop The Machinations Of Their Evil Plan Now! (Pizza Time)
  6. Sugardum (kirkjerk)
  7. Smart Drinks (BiggerJ)
  8. Captain Bat's Adventure (Haze)

Klik of the Month Klub #5

  1. I Am Sorry, Bio-Zombie (SpindleyQ)
  2. That Series: Episode 0 (BiggerJ)
  3. Serengettin' Down (captaincabinets)
  4. Eyes On You (mojofltr)
  5. Gratuitous Arm (Haze)
  6. BRAINSSS (Six)
  7. Roshambug (kirkjerk)
  8. DETHBUS (Pizza Time)
  9. SPACE BURGLARS (Cossix)

Klik of the Month Klub #4

  1. Mz (BiggerJ)
  2. Zm (BiggerJ)
  3. Assassinatrix Adventures (Pizza Time)
  4. Conway_West (kirkjerk)
  5. Klik of the Kollossus (Six)
  7. Pac-Manly (captaincabinets)

Klik of the Month Klub #3

  1. Vertical Gun Hunter (professor_scissors)
  2. You May Already Be A Weiner (SpindleyQ)
  3. Flaming Scarecrow Wedding! (SpindleyQ's lovely wife)
  4. They're Coming (SpindleyQ's lovely wife)
  5. bug <3 flower (kirkjerk)
  6. Bunny (Haze)
  7. Death of the Rock Collector (Kuril)
  8. Highway Speed (Pizza Time)

The 100-in-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart (event page)

Klik of the Month Klub #2:

  1. Metal Axe Warriors 1 (Pizza Time)
  2. The Spoookey Doooor (SpindleyQ)
  3. SupaMix (Punch The Stars / Freestyle Raptastique) (Six)

Klik of the Month Klub #1:

  1. Travellin' Ted (SpindleyQ)
  2. SMILEYO (Six)

Klik & Play Showdown Version Gamma:

  1. Alien Love Triangle (EdGreyshadow)
  2. YARRRRRR! (r) (SpindleyQ)
  3. slapslapslap (Six)