Knytt Stories Last Hurrah Collab!

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Sat, Dec 01 2012 12:00 AM
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Remember the Pirate Kart Knytt Stories Collaboration Level? I thought that was pretty awesome. In fact, best Knytt collaboration level ever, right?

Well, Knytt Underground is supposed to come out before the end of the year, which signals the end of an era - an era where Knytt Stories was the only game, ever. I figure that we need to send it out in style with ANOTHER BADASS COLLABORATION from the Trainwrecks Friendship and Drinking club (Drinking Optional) (TM). It might very well be the last collaboration level for Knytt Stories before Knytt Underground.

So, here's the guidelines, as copied from the last Knytt collab (Thanks EffBee/EffEminate!)

-Each participant takes turns making a section of the level
-Only one section per participant (although this is flexible. I want to see everyone who wants to participate go at least once before we start seeing duplicate participants though)
-Make your section between ten and twenty screens long (more of a guideline really)
-Please don't edit someone else's section (unless you have a really good idea)
-Add a sign message to your first screen stating that you made the section
-First person should start the level off with the Run and Climb abilities. Feel free to introduce the other abilities but try to be gradual about it.
-When you've finished your section, upload it as a packed file.
-Whoever is working on the next section should say so, just so that we don't have two people trying to make section X and thus conflicting with each other.

Submit WIP versions as an attachment to COMMENTS, not as a new game. That way, we don't clutter up the site or the Twitter feed. We'll attach the final version as the real game so there's no confusion.

Since we have some time before the event begins, feel free to share your ideas in the comments and get excited! And send it to your friends!

Games made for Knytt Stories Last Hurrah Collab!


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Sergio brought up the idea

Sergio brought up the idea of doing this as a sequel to the original collab. I'm leaning towards totally original, but I'd like to see what other people think too.

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I feel like making this a

I feel like making this a sequel continuity-wise would hurt creativity.

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My vote is for totally

My vote is for totally original too. When I suggested sequel I was thinking of Exquisite Knorpse 2, where the intro alludes to the previous game but the level itself is wildly different. Now I think even that could hamper creativity, though, unless shoehorned in at a later point.

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I think we should get rid of

I think we should get rid of the two-hour time limit and just have a "ten to twenty rooms" guideline because last time a lot of people disregarded the time rule and as a result their sections looked fantastic. Basically I felt kinda burned by the first collab since my section was a lot less extravagant than everyone else's, hah!

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Yeah, I remember

Yeah, I remember disregarding the time limit as well. I just took that bit out.

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Some ideas, especially if we

Some ideas, especially if we decide to have everyone make multiple sections:

- Select four people to each hide one key in their own sections - then a fifth person builds a secret section accessible with these four keys.
- Revisiting a previous area with some changes, basically taking a page out of our first collab except it wouldn't be done post-collab but during. It would be even cooler if the changes were made by a different collaborator than the one who made the original area.
- Possibly less linear section progression? Something a bit closer to The Machine/Strange Dream? I'm a bit on the fence about this one... this could either be done very well or very poorly, especially since players might visit the sections out of order or bypass them altogether, screwing up the narrative if we decide to build one (the collective storyline was probably my favorite part of the first collab).

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As far as linearity is

As far as linearity is concerned, I think it comes down to the question of whether or not we want to plan some things out beforehand. If we don't plan at all, then linear would be much more likely.

However, I'm down for a bit of planning since we actually have time to prepare for this collab.

If we do go non-linear, I say we should also plan on giving out most of the powerups from the very beginning, barring the more advanced ones like hologram and detector. That way, exploration wouldn't be limited by available powerups, and we don't have to worry about who gives what, and when. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of having a non-linear world. I don't think it'll be bad for story either because Knytt is a perfect tool for atmospheric, non-linear storytelling.

I like the key idea a lot.

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Yet another item on the list

Yet another item on the list of "Things Sergio Did Last Collab That Would Be Pretty Cool To Have More People Doing": I was thinking some of us could prepare custom tilesets in advance? It would add a sort of personal touch to the collab.

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Will you be doing this?

Will you be doing this? Midnight Snack made me wonder if you're secretly a great pixel artist.

A slight variation on this idea would be to have half-finished custom tileset(s) that contributors could continue to add to.

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Here's a half-finished

Tileset1 is a half-finished tileset I made that has glowy mushrooms and little cavey bits that can be arranged around glowing mushrooms. I made it forever ago but never ended up using it. Yaay.

Also, Tileset 0 is ANOTHER half-finished one that is supposed to be like, a frozen laboratory. It has a no smoking sign. The ice is semi-transparent too, so it might be useful.

Tileset0.PNG17.74 KB
Tileset1.png30.37 KB
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This is kicking off soon.

This is kicking off soon. Who's going to begin?

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I guess I will if nobody

I guess I will if nobody else is up for it.

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I have a class tomorrow so I

I have a class tomorrow so I probably won't be able to begin then, but I can totally do it on Sunday. I wouldn't mind beginning as long as nobody minds the delay. If somebody else would prefer to do it on Saturday though, I'm fine with that.

EDIT: I cannot believe it's only the three of us! :( anyway I'll see if I can get some done today actually and post the results up here. If I can't, I'll let you know. Might be a busy day :-|

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TheCube, have you started

TheCube, have you started this? Because I'd be willing to make this if you can't.

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Hey Healy. Please go ahead.

Hey Healy. Please go ahead. A bunch of stupid shit happened to me this weekend that prevented me from being a reasonable person. I'm hoping to get things taken care of and be back to being a normal human by tomorrow, but please feel free to get started and all that stuff. I figure I'll probably end up taking the last bit since I've been delayed so much this week...

I'm looking forward to seeing how this starts! Like, a whole bunch. :DDD

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So you guys are probably wondering what the heck I've been doing over the past week. I've had a weird depressive funk which unfortunately sapped my desire to start this project. The good news is I've gotten over it and I've got a really good idea of what I want to do with this. The bad news is it's really ambitious and it'll probably take a while to make. The loose date I'm setting for its release is Tuesday. Sorry this is taking so long!