Smiling Joe

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A quick mouse-based game I made for KotmC. It's my first entry, as well as the first time I've ever participated in something like this.

Use the mouse to guide Smiling Joe and click on the start box to start the level. You can finish the level in the same manner, but only once you've collected all of Smiling Joe's favourite fruits. They happen to be scattered around everywhere, and Smiling Joe doesn't seem to be too happy about it.

Beware of the Angry Moes. Touching one of them will kill Smiling Joe. He also cannot touch the walls. Collecting the scrolls is not necessary, but it adds to your score.

Edit: Made the later levels slightly easier. You can also now press Page Up to go to the next room, if you have the reflexes of a sloth. This will hurt your score, however.

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Hey, cool game -- although

Hey, cool game -- although my reflexes are that of a sleepy sloth, it seems. Also, I wasn't aware of how "shaky" my mouse movement was (you know, like "ok, I just have to move straight from here to there... BLAM hit a wall").

Really liked the start button to activate the level. Made me think about having more than one start button on the same level, for different difficulties.