Devil's Chord

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I spent today making this, for some reason. Then I realized there was a KOTM today. I am retroactively declaring this a KOTM project. It makes music. Illegal music. Diabolic music. Okay, by that I actually just mean there are tritones involved.

Source code:

Decoder ring:

Click a ring to increase pitch by one semitone
Right-click (or shift-click) a ring to decrease pitch by one semitone
Ctrl-click a ring to disable or enable it
Left and right arrow keys to speed and slow the alternator
R key: Reset everything
B key: Reset alternator, leave notes unaffected
Number keys: Load notes: (1) Tritones (2) Tritones [shifted up 3] (3) Tritones [descending] (4) Tritones plus tritones shifted up 3 (5) Hum (6) Higher hum (7) High buzzing (8) Pentatonic scale (9) Major chord (0) Liz's chord

Mac and Windows versions included.

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I made a mod for this after the fact:
Place this .zip file in the same folder as the executable or application*.

I made a slight change to the rules, after which I realized this really was the version I probably should have shipped to start with. It makes the connection between the music and the visuals a little clearer, which I think makes the visuals more interesting, but, IMO the sounds are *slightly* less evocative. (In the old rules rings are lower in pitch when they're white than when they're black, in the new rules they're higher in pitch when they're white than when they're black. Since white bands are more visible and higher notes are more audible this makes it easier to tell what is happening.)

* (ALTERNATELY you could instead unzip the contents and put the contents, init.txt and media/, in a directory named "mod", if you want to tool around with the code yourself)

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I don't understand the rules

I don't understand the rules under which it's operating, but the output i's super cool. I think that mode 0 is my favorite, probably? Also 5. I like the non-modded version better, for some reason.

I want to understand sound better; such cool stuff can be made.

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This is great. Lovely

This is great. Lovely dissonance.