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A single-screen, plotless JRPG and/or an experiment to see what the genre offers at a purely ludic level. Made as a late entry for FuckThisJam.

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I'm not a big fan of rpgs

But this was a good battle. I died a lot. I did nog get far into to spiral it didn't give me a chance because i was busy thinking baout stuff things.. keep thinking of stuff things every day

who else will if you don't?

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Woo, I finished it!

Woo, I finished it! It's amazing how much adrenaline you can produce just about a simple addition and substraction of numbers.
In the beginning I wanted the enemies to have interesting pictures, to get me distracted from the simplicity of the battle system. But I soon learned that this isn't necessary at all. The exitement comes from getting closer to the center of the spiral. It's really a thing of random chance how long you need to "beat" an enemy, but it certainly feels nice to finally be able to proceeed along the spiral.
I really like how you manage to boil down the gameplay (and graphics) to the purest minimuim, and still keep it interesting and fun.

The adrenaline rush was

The adrenaline rush was really surprising to me too! I was expecting a really, really boring experience when I came up with the concept for the game but in practice the relentless mechanics of the JRPG seem very menacing.

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Haha, my strategy was to

Haha, my strategy was to just let the random encounters kill me and then try to reach each save point without battling anything.

A surprisingly alright

A surprisingly alright strategy for a lot of real JRPGs as well.