You Must Glitch To Beat This Game

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To be honest, I'm not really sure if an idea like this has been done before, but anyways...

This is a trainwreck I did a couple months ago, but for some reason neglected to post on here. In each level, you must figure out how to reach the exit, but there's a catch - to do so, you must abuse some glitch or oddity in Klik & Play's built-in platform movement. Each screen requires you to make use of another bug, and there are ten screens in total. Think you can do it?

If anyone else knows about some glitch that I failed to cover in this game, let me know. I think it would be great to add an extra screen or two to the game!

Furthermore, if you're stuck on a specific screen, I might be able to poke you in the right direction.

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This is pretty fun so far,

This is pretty fun so far, but I'm stuck on Don't Look Back. I guess I still have more to learn about KnP's glitches/oddities.

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Ok, now I'm completely stumped on Level 6

EDIT: Actually 6 wasn't that hard.

I think I know how to do 7 but it's impossible to execute.

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Ok #8 is definitely making

Ok #8 is definitely making my head hurt even more than #5.

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I hate level seven quite a

I hate level seven quite a lot.

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Has anyone gotten higher

Has anyone gotten higher than #8? What glitch did you use for 7? I just used more wallclimbing, but that doesn't work on #8 since I walk through the wall. What glitch lets a platform movement object with high gravity and low acceleration jump that far????

edit: ah, the low acceleration was the clue!
edit: It's still too hard. And I can't imagine doing that twice on this screen!
edit: Okay, this level was clearly not actually tested. I still land to the left of the next platform, no matter what. Declaring this level broken.
edit: Beat level 9 after skipping 8, but don't know what you're supposed to do on #10
edit: Beat #10 using trick from latter half of #9. So, the whole game is possible, except for level 8.

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Level 8 is definitely

Level 8 is definitely possible, and I can consistently pass it without problems. You have to use the right key combination to overcome the low acceleration.

Hint: The platform movement is actually an eight-directions movement in disguise (at least, while on the ground, and it has a couple modifications), so try exploiting one of its eccentricities.

Hint 2: When you make it to the edge of the platform, if you hold Shift upon landing, you'll hop up to safe ground.

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I'm using an ancient laptop

I'm using an ancient laptop for all things KnP. My best guess is that a newer computer makes the movement behave differently, but i consistently land to the immediate left of the second platform.

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Really digging your MIDI

Really digging your MIDI selection, and I totally love the game idea. Sadly my knowledge of KNP platform engine bugs is quite limited, so I'm stuck on Pressing Right Will Kill You.

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Will play this tonight, but

Will play this tonight, but from the level description, it sounds to me like you have to abuse the bug where walking left and then hitting jump on deceleration sometimes launches you right. I know the platform movement a little too well, I wonder how fast I'll beat this.

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Aha, thank you. Still a

Aha, thank you.

Still a very hard level though.

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room six stumped me, yeah

room six stumped me, yeah

I can't get past "Pressing

I can't get past "Pressing Right Will Kill You".

I'd like to see a video walkthrough of this game on Youtube.

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yay i won :D this is

yay i won :D

this is lovely,
you shouldve entered it into that IGFIGIFIGFisomething whatever its called

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sadly, i can´t make it even

sadly, i can´t make it even through the first level :(

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I got up to level 9. Pretty

I got up to level 9. Pretty sure I knew the technique needed to pass, but I couldn't pull it off properly enough times to make it through. :(

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I finally beat it! That

I finally beat it!

That right-jumping glitch is so bizarre.

Made use of a really weird glitch in one level of Mario's Adventure. (Password is "psykohed" if you're curious. It's rather late in the game and immediately following an inane boss fight that sapped TheDustin's will to play.) Basically, I wasn't too familiar with custom platform engines, but I wanted a level where your controls were reversed after Mario ate a "power mushroom." So I used a standard TGF platform object, but implemented horizontal movement myself with directly repositioning the player's x-position. Found a weird glitch where you can hold jump under an obstacle to stick your head to it, but since "stop" didn't stop the horizontal movement, you can keep holding jump, walk off the underside of the platform, and instantly jump again in midair. So naturally I kept the glitch and designed the level around it. Seems to be similar to level 10's glitch.

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Whoa, I've had this game up

Whoa, I've had this game up for almost a year now.

I think you're referring to level 9. The concept in level 10 is more or less a different application of getting stuck underneath platforms.