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Inspired by mcc and L, I have compiled a list of plot goals for all games I have released (collaborations included). Games are arranged in roughly chronological order. Games that can be considered domination fantasies or where killing something is the primary goal are presented in blood red. Borderline or flimsy cases are presented in dark red. Let me know if you disagree with any of the synopses or categorisation.

EDIT: I read ella guro's original tweet and came up with a slightly different interpretation. So now you'll also find a * next to games that I feel reject or punish the player's attempts at mastery.

All games can be found here.

Chisel: Solve a murder mystery and recover your identity.
Nitroblazer: Get tied up.
Crudquest VI: Buy things and kill things with the things you buy until you run out of things.
Count Pacula: Eat all the dots.
Pacula Resurrection: Eat all the dots and kill Dracula.
Weem: Scale a cliff and collect a crystal.
Emballos: Destroy blocks and occasionally lifeforms.
Envados: Kill aliens.
Liam 3000: Kill monsters, zombies and people.
Keyboardiac: Recover keys, kill Jonny.
Eyeball 1: Kill shadows to delay inevitable death.
Eyeball 2: Kill monsters and take their candy.
*Eyeball 3: Rorschach % Dungeon: Kill enemies and solve puzzles, approach shadow lord king.
Labyrinth Lad: Traverse mazes, kill doppelgänger, avoid other obstacles and enemies.
*Chasm: Explore a chasm.
Cavern Tale: Rescue stranded creatures.
*Kocmoca: (unknown)
Space Invader vs. Pac-Man: The Revengening: Kill Pac-Man.
You Have To Go Down The Hole: Find and free doppelgänger, then return home.
FUTURE WARS: 92 Minutes: Kill American presbot.
*Time Weasels: Die to prevent time paradox.
*Bonksy Da Ghetto Toad: Die attempting to become gangster king.
*Bluegirl: Kill your father (accidentally).
*Standing in the rain, Waiting for Mark Gobbin, Crying: Realise futility.
*The Box That Ate Time: Die to prevent time paradox.
*Meh Effect 1: Deliberately collide with aliens smaller than you.
*Meh Effect 2: Unwillingly collide with an alien larger than you.
*Soccer Judge: Arrest criminal using soccer ball.
Spread Joy: Convert criminals into policemen.
The Legend of Zeldar: Hunchback Extermination Extreme: Kill hunchbacks and Dracula while avoiding 'princesses'.
Piss Christ: Urinate on a crucifix.
Piss Christ in Space: Urinate on multiple sentient crucifixes.
Malco Monogatari: Kill characters from Cave Story.
Cakewalk 7000: Deliver cake.
Shake Yer Assets: Empty box of game assets.
Letter Killah: Escape level.
my shadow is a killing thing: Kill bugs.
THE NORMAN FAMILY GOES VACATIONING 2: Guide family through maze.
*Pac-Man Without a Cause: Attain satori.
*High Society: Accept social hierarchy.
Juni Encounters a Bug: Descend into void.
Columns: Locate the only non-lethal route.
Oh Man Go Time: Experience drug-induced delusions.
*Oh Man Go Time 2: Regret taking drugs.
My Super Secret Basement: Reunite with lost cat.
Weem 2: Rebuild dilapidated wall.
*Knytt Without a Cause: Attain bodhi.
Quest for Phallic Flora: Embark on Freud's dream field day.
*It Keeps Happening: Fall down stairs forever.
Noah More Heroes: Eat animals in order to survive long enough to save other animals.
parkour: Explore a city.
Eyeball 3D: Escape a maze, killing monsters if desired.
I Wanna Be The Red Guy: Kill attackers and wear their skin to gain acceptance. Note: abstract/ambiguous.
thurs day: Experience videogame history.
Bee Man: Pollinate flowers, commit assault.
*Jesus The 73rd Coming: Nobody is Left: Descend into void.
defective: Learn that killing is not always the solution, then traverse maze.
9 days: Look at flower.
Sergio Cornaga: Procrastinator: Avoid writing essay as long as possible.
devective: Recount a murder mystery.
Eliza Edith Escapes Expiration: Run away from Death.
Worker & Parasite: Make learns.
thurs day part ii: Experience artgame history.
*TIME WORM!!!: Instigate revenge, death.
Water Walk: Return to reality.
You Have To Eat Yourself: Eat yourself.
AAAAAmaze: Destroy nightmares to regain sanity.
Dandelion Game: Blow around dandelion seeds.
Keys to the Asian Market: Unlock the Asian Market.
*Stop Using Your Gut: Fail to measure and subsequently destroy robot infant.
*Coolmann: Attain enlightenment and/or watch American Beauty.
Pixel Perfect Gaiden: Decide not to jump off a cliff.
*The Negging Wife: Gaiden: Collect rhinoceros faeces to maintain relationship.
Barbara Kwest: Barter with frog for house key.
Barbara Kwest 2012: Find hidden objects.
*Passagebalt: Jump between buildings until you die.
Rainy Day Adventure: Persuade Rain God to cease rain, prevent unrelated catastrophe.
Oh Man Go Time Gaiden: Gaiden: Navigate glitches.
*OH MAN GO TIIIM3: Fall off a building.
stanley melberg: accursed accountant: Kill Satan.
Snowflake: Avoid Hell, seek romance.
Juni Jones: Ace Attorney: Escape the land you were banished to.
You Have To Put The Stake in The Dracula: Kill Dracula.
You Have To Put The Steak in The Dracula: Feed Dracula.
Endless Winter: Forcibly end Winter.


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I'm going to do my games

I'm going to do my games shortly, but the problem I'm running into is that the definition of games involving dom fantasies leaves a lot of room for interpretation - simply forcing the player by a set of rules (which is almost always the case in computer games) could be considered dom. Where do you draw the line?

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I found it really hard, and

I found it really hard, and I'm sure some of my assessments could be challenged. I basically asked, do you have/want to kill/conquer anything? Even then, I excluded some cases where 'anything' was something inanimate or totally abstract... perhaps I shouldn't have. Can the need to overcome challenges be enough to justify the domination fantasy label?