Snapman's Plot Inventory

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I thought I'd try making one of these. I also highlighted key words related to fundamental actions.

So here we go.

Itchy Birds: Dismay at the tedious and repetitive state of mobile gaming.
Lemmings Death Ball: KILL moving targets in upside-down breakout.
Tribe Hummus Pinball: Ponder advergames.
Circus Galop: Minigames timed to erratic music where you KILL, DIE, COLLECT and ESCAPE.
Citizen Kane Pinball: Ponder a film's themes.
MicroMove: Make precise motions using an insufficiently precise tool.
Second Person Shooter: EXPLORE the difference between perspectives.
RhinoCopter: EXPLORE a city.
NITROWL: Destroy the level to COLLECT a ham. DIE from drowning.
Stealth Spies: KILL one person (player 2) in a crowd. DIE if they find you first.
FROGGERACING: KILL frogs for speed boost.
INFRAREDDER: Distribute gems, COLLECT gems, DIE from traps, ESCAPE.
Eat a Baby or a Burglar: KILL one of two people.
Candy Alchemist: Find the secret formulae. EXPLORE all possibilities.
Sink My Battleship!: Risk KILLING a ship for points.
FourFighter: KILL your friends with shuriken. DIE from shuriken.
Extreme Flood Exploitation: Jump on floating houses, KILL planes.
Rio and Ruckus' Unlicensed Dinoventure!: KILL dinosaurs, kidnap their egg. DIE from dinos or falling.
Cosmic Drifter: ESCAPE asteroids. DIE from asteroids.
An Exploration: Slowly lose freedom of movement in an increasingly linear story about EXPLORING.
CastleAttack: KILL trucks forever.
FLIES not BEES: KILL flies, DIE from bees.
LASERTOPIA: ESCAPE, climb, COLLECT, and DIE by lasers.
dawgFIGHT: KILL your friend's plane with cats, DIE the same way.
GUARDIANT: DEFEND the mothership by KILLING bombers and ships.
Dicken's INFERNO: KILL everyone who enjoys christmas.
GORILLATTACK: Dermizone Zero: Resist evolution. COLLECT popsicles.
JUDGE GB: KILL diamonds. DIE from the fourth wall.
Opposite of Up: Accidentally KILL parachuters. DIE from gravity.
ROBODROID: KILL the robodroid. DIE from the robodroid.
YOU ARE ALREADY INSANE: Fail to ESCAPE detection, KILL innocent bystanders from madness.
looq: Satisfy obscure requirements.
Linkland: KILL a box on a random terrain.
Leapbert: Traverse (EXPLORE) all asteroids once. DIE from backtracking.
Directer: Tell a metal sphere to COLLECT gems. DIE from being crushed or touching gems.
Reverser Too: The Timebeard Chronicles: Flip switches and reverse time to ESCAPE. DIE from old age or falling.
Reverser One: KILL asteroids. DIE from asteroids.
DINOSAUR: DIE from falling in a hole, COLLECT gems.
Indirect Invaders: KILL invaders, DIE from invaders.
Hunter & Hunted: KILL the AI, DIE from the AI.
Lemmings Force: RESCUE the AI.
Berry Command: KILL the spheres, COLLECT berries, DIE from the spheres.

Fred's Exciting Adventure 2: DIE from horrors, ESCAPE to ambiguity.
Scorpion Psychiatrists of Saturn: RESCUE students from emotions, DIE from their emotions.
Fred's Exciting Adventure: DIE from horrors, ESCAPE to ambiguity.
Kristmas RUN: COLLECT collectables, DIE from falling or crushing scrolling.
TEK DEMO: COLLECT gems, DIE from falling.

KILL: 23/47 (48%)
DIE: 26/47 (55%)
RESCUE/DEFEND: 2/47 (4%)

I should make some more defense games.