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Dear everybody, I proudly present my new game. Three months in the making (waay too long for a game this short). Featuring lots of jumping / saltoing / swimming action, underwater creatures, "transparent" sprites and lush MIDI orchestration. I have been playing it over and over to get rid of bugs but probably dozens of them are just waiting to be discovered. Well, I do not care anymore, just wanted to share it at last.

You start by jumping off a cliff, and if you know what to do, soon you embark on an underwater adventure! Watch your oxygen! If you don't know what to do, there are hints and even a step-by-step walkthrough which honestly takes away all the fun, so use it only if you really have no idea what to do. There are two achievements to earn, and for completing each you gain access to a special prize! (of course you can gain it immediately by checking in the .gam file but you are too noble and honest to do that, aren't you).

Let me know what you think, I didn't have any beta-testers available except my wife who said it is pretty but nonsense. If you find any bugs I will be more than happy to fix them and repost a better version.

EDIT: Bugs removed! If you really want to know which bugs, highlight the following:Jumping from the rock to catch the mermaid is now only possible after the mermaid jumps. When caught by the octopus and unable to move, it switches to Game Over after 3 seconds. As for the duplicating chracter - sorry, for now I have no idea how to get rid of that. Chances are if it happens one time it won't the second.Big thanks to sergiocornaga for fishing out (badum tschhh) the bugs.

EDIT 2: For some strange reason there is one bug that does not appear on my computer, but it hapens when I play the same file downloaded from here. IF certain mermaids are causing you problems, that's what the "choose level" option is for. I honestly don't know what I can do about it, I mean it is THE SAME file...

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this is gorgeous. i like how

this is gorgeous. i like how you've implemented transparency in klik and play through layered dithering. however, probably as a result (of that and likely the fact that i'm running klik and play in emulated windows 3.1 in dosbox), the game runs really slowly for me.

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do you think this is the

do you think this is the fault of dithering or it could help if some other active elements were removed, e.g. moving water? I could add an option to turn them off if it would help.

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I found some bugs

I found some bugs, highlight to read them:

After collecting all the mirror pieces, I swam back up and climbed on the mermaid's rock. It then started duplicating me repeatedly, which you can see in the attached screenshot. After that things continued to get stranger, most of the clones were destroyed, but one remained and could be triggered with the spacebar, but it would gradually climb above where the rock was.

EDIT: I tried again, and this time I pressed spacebar while using the mirror and the character dived off the rock and froze in mid-air. I thought third time would be the charm, but after waking up the mermaid and then diving, I got the bones ending while in mid-air, but maybe that was supposed to happen? Fourth time, when I dived, it created three of me, but it led to the next section anyway.

EDIT 2: OK, now I collided with the octopus while holding one of those round fish and my diver disappeared. After that, I noticed pressing space would cause one of the other fish to jump slightly.

EDIT 3: I finished the game! I thought I had all the endings, but it wouldn't let me put 'Congratulations' as an ending, despite that being what it says at the top in the 'get two coins' ending. Oh, wait, I see! There was one with an exclamation mark... kind of mean, don't you think, haha? To conclude: neat prizes, neat game, well worth anyone's time.

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Thanks for the info! NONE of these happened to me - I really need to get me one of these fancy betatesters one is hearing so much about. I will work on the bugs today and post a new version when I'm done.

Did you need the hints / walkthrough? Was it too hard or easy enough?

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I'll check the new version

I'll check the new version for issues soon. I needed hints for a few areas, like how to avoid the whale.

I thought bouncing the fish back at the beginning was kind of hard, not sure if it actually needs changing though.

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I agree that perhaps it was

I agree that perhaps it was a little too hard for the beginning - but there are at least two ways to bounce them all in time. And what satisfaction it is when you finally do it - (spoila follows) and the whale arrives!!! To avoid it simply swim maximally up next to the wall.

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Wonderful - wunderbar -

Wonderful - wunderbar - cudowne. Will hack the .gam and rip some of the ideas.

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I'm glad you like it! Did

I'm glad you like it! Did you win any prizes? :D And feel free to look for ideas, it's the greatest way to find some fresh solutions.