An artgame about the horrors of war.


This is an untitled artgame about the horrors of war. There is no way to win. This game also features death, which is a complex moral choice never attempted before by any medium. This is the only alternative you have besides witnessing the horror you have unleashed and all the lives you have taken. Again, please be aware that this game is art.

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Tale of Tales? Is that you?

Tale of Tales? Is that you?

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Astoundingly, I think this

Astoundingly, I think this is the first artgame (joke or otherwise) where I've not been entirely convinced it's a game.

Oh, wait. Arrow keys weren't working for me initially, so I thought there was no interactivity whatsoever. Nah, it's definitely a game.

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yeah, i think the pause

yeah, i think the pause before the game starts accepting input is problematic, even though i know why it's there: to make sure the player at least sees the horrors of war before she kills herself. but it leads the player to believe the game is never going to accept input, and i don't think that's what you want.

this reminds me of retro sabotage's autopsy of a battlefield.