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Sat, Sep 08 2007 12:00 AM
09/08/2007 - 00:00
09/10/2007 - 00:00

UPDATE: We placed 6th!

UPDATE: Download the complete 100-in-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart here! (31mb, 7z format)

UPDATE: The Meltdown may be over, but the fun is just beginning! Answer the call for metadata!


Thank you so fucking much to all 17 members of TEAM GLORIOUS TRAINWRECKS DOT COM! YEAAAAH!!

The TIGSource B-game Competition was designed specifically for us to win. Yet, it ends in just over a week and no useful work has come out of our collective efforts thus far! The only solution: an insane, balls-out impossible plunge into madness.

Our entry is the "100-in-1 Klik and Play Pirate Kart", and in just forty-eight hours, we will produce 100 games. If some of them aren't done in Klik and Play, so much the better. If we don't actually make it to 100 games, well, neither did those 100-in-1 pirate carts. We can always subtly alter game names in the menu and/or do game-breaking sprite hacks.

Like the Klik of the Month Klub, you have no more than two hours to complete a single game. UNlike the Klik of the Month Klub, there is no set time to start and end -- the Pirate Kart Meltdown runs continuously the entire weekend. Klik & Play is freely downloadable.

Also unlike the Klik of the Month Klub, there will be PRIZES. I will personally mail terrible games to your front door for contributing to this noble effort. (Which games, exactly, are forthcoming.) Participants in the Meltdown are competing for these three prizes:

The HOLY SHIT I'M DROWNING IN GAMES prize goes to the person who produces the greatest number of games in the 48-hour period.
The WTF IS GOING ON HERE prize goes to the person who develops the game with the most bizarre mechanics.
The VIVA VARIETY JOHNNY BLUEJEANS prize goes to the person with the largest range of game styles.

Voting in these categories will be open to everyone who creates games this weekend. Yes, even the HOLY SHIT I'M DROWNING IN GAMES prize is put to a vote. I just feel like it, that's why.

Either I'm ineligible for prizes or other people have to send me shit if I win. Prize donations are welcome -- hell, if we round up enough people, a second or third place wouldn't be inconceivable.


(Join us on IRC -- server, channel #glorioustrainwrecks.)



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Mein spiele

One game. I'm spent.

Emotional Rollercoaster

One game from me! Good luck on 100!

Here's one from me. I may try something more ambitious later, but I doubt it will be better.

Sky is Falling

One Game

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Can... can you score at all

Can... can you score at all in this?

Didn't have enough time to

Didn't have enough time to add scoring, one of the games I enter might though.

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You Have a Hangover. It is a game about struggling with terrible jumping mechanics, which gives me an idea for another game.

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One more!

Disco Party!

Edit: Disco Party has been slightly edited.

Edit: Disco Party has been slightly edited again, yes I KNOW I'm wasting valuable seconds. My Jamiroquai midi didn't loop!

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Get on IRC, man!

Get on IRC, man!


Climb King

Previous two updated to not have installers!

Hot Zeppelin History

Hot Zeppelin History Stage
If stealing from Airwolf is frowned upon I'll edit it.

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In fact, stealing from

In fact, stealing from Airwolf is highly encouraged!

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i made this

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A second game

From the creator of the epic "Allard Quest" comes a new masterpiece: Bike Adventure!

The reviewers say:
"I hate you." - Swimmy
"this game is infuriating" - professor_scissors
"i can hardly even climb the stairs. this is decidedly sexy hiking-esque." - sixenhaus


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Swimmy I hope it's okay, I made a follow up to your smash hit videogame, "You have a hangover".

I present, "You have a hangover II - Superbowl" aka "Splatterhouse"

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And to follow that up here's

And to follow that up here's a game that precedes the hangover.

Friday Night Radical Dream Date

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That's pretty much exactly

That's pretty much exactly like the date I had last night. Radical.

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Cinematic gaming

Another one:

Walk you home tonight

It's beautiful, man.

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That was beautiful, man.

That was beautiful, man.

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Caution: lasers


This game is shareware.

Guest Game!

Not Created by me!

Pizza VS Circle


Time for to the fight!

I am the creator of Pizza vs. Circle, posted earlier by Professor_Scissors.
I also just made this!
Endless Showdown

OK! One more with VIGOR

Ok, so like, I was ripping some CDs and popped this open just to see if I could make a game in under 30 minutes, and I DID!

From the creator of The Sky is Falling comes:

Sad Old Man

A thing

Platform Builder

Probably more enjoyable with a friend!

Alt. link

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Not even remotely original

Not even remotely original

There's really not much more to say about it.

What's the tally so far?

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As of this moment, 60! Why

As of this moment, 60!

Why aren't you on IRC? That's where we keep the running count, and also yell at each other.

captaincabinets's picture

Because I should be

Because I should be sleeping! It's just hit 8:30am in aus and I was working for 8 hours till 6 this morning!

Butt Pirate

Be amazed. (Not really.)

Butt Pirate

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Dude, I can't do anything

Dude, I can't do anything with just the .GAM file! You need to run the "Save Stand-Alone Game" option under the File menu and then zip up all the junk that it spits out.

Hurry! Justice depends on it!

Oh dang, whoops. Sorry about

Oh dang, whoops. Sorry about that!

Obviously I'm an idiot.

Butt Pirate

This is more a real game

It's a real game! It has obstacles, and levels, and objectives and stuff.

Kick the Habbit (you addict!)

This one is my real last one.




Another one

Kill Yourself

With help from Linkin Park!

Ok, only one more after this!

This one actually almost took 2 hours to make.

Outrun The Ball

Here's another

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You know you want to play it.

This Game Stars My Penis.

Go ahead and put my name on it in the final version, fuck anonymity / dignity.


Ok, I did 5 of them. Yeah!

Collect 100 Jems

It's brilliant, seriously.

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Haze's picture

Possummer - Quaggy helped

Possummer - Quaggy helped make graphics on this one so credit both of us.

One and a half games

Slide Puzzle Insanity

The sequel to Slide Puzzle Madness!


Slide Puzzle Insanity: Special Edition

6 extra megabytes! One extra level!


Fight another player or the fiendishly clever computer!
Dice Fighter


100 Robots



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I'm done.

Don't Hit the Spikes!

We are amazing.

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Moon Girafe Can you survive

Moon Girafe

Can you survive the horror that is Moon Girafe (spoiler, you won't).

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I would like to nominate for

I would like to nominate for the unofficial (i.e. I made it up, there is no prize) DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR award (for sheer, gutsy, unfullfilled vision) Haze, who had the gall to make a klik n play MMORPG.

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Are there no references to this on the TIGSource B-game Competition site?
Biding our time 'til we SPRING??
Also agree, the title wrapper should be garished up.

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I actually just posted a

I actually just posted a teaser in the TIGSource forums. But yeah, I definitely wanted the element of surprise.

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team voting

Mentioned in the voting forums is the fact that only a maximum of 3 team members should be allowed to vote on their own creation. I am pretty sure this is directed at us, as all the other games are one man teams (with one exception). I am all for honour, following rules etc., how are we going to coordinate this?

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Who on our team has an

Who on our team has an account? I don't as of yet.

zum's picture


I missed that bit. SpindleyQ and I have accounts on there, but I'm not sure who else does.

captaincabinets's picture

I do and I voted on ours,

I do and I voted on ours, but I can change it

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That should be fine,

That should be fine, then.

(Though just to be perfectly clear: if anyone else on here has voted, now's the time to pipe up! Votes are reversible.)

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I think absolute rule #1 is

I think absolute rule #1 is DO NOT VOTE IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED EVERYTHING. It would be seriously uncool to have people from here just voting ourselves up without partaking in all the fantastic games on offer. It is part of our site's mission to foster and support terrible, excellent game development, so let's give the other people who participated their due!

Honestly I would feel kind of uncomfortable voting for myself. I'm hardly a member of the TIGSource forum community -- I read the blog, sure, but my only two posts on the forums are pimping my entry. If indeed we are to be given eternal glory as B-game designing champions, then we should go about it honestly. (Besides which, our internal prizes are going to be way better, anyway. I'll be starting our own voting thread very soon now.) That said, I don't mind if a couple of our own vote for ourselves, but yeah, post here if you do and let's not go over the community-accepted limit, please.

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I agree with all that, but I

I agree with all that, but I also seriously think that ours is the most fantastical and ambitious and beautiful entry/concept by far.

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i'm of the opinion that no

i'm of the opinion that no one who's actually entered in the contest should vote.

and isn't having three team members who vote on the game unfair to those who entered the contest alone?