Justice Mustache: The Future of it.

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So, yeah. I released Justice Mustache: Christmas Caper a few days ago. I tried my best on adding variety for the bosses.
Not sure how it's going to go with Zecks, but that's beside the point.
As you saw earlier, I tried making an ARG relating to Justice Mustache 4, and I gave up because I, as mentioned earlier, was too lazy to make it.
Not sure how the future of the series is going to go. Can someone help?


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just do something else lol.

just do something else lol. it sounds like youre also becoming too serious about a bunch of joke games that you're being fifty times less of a dumbass about doing.

if i wasnt an idiot there probably would've been only two kung fu's and mozarts max and i would have something serious actually going on (yeah still nothing)

(just watch me make kung fu 4 anyway lol)
(that's half not a joke because 1. i'd use sensible tools for it (gm) and 2. i'd be legit less dumb about it)

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i just played the new

i just played the new mustice joustache though and fwiw its probably the best one.
you should chillax though as i said. i was kinda grumpy at myself there but do something else??????

in fact maybe now could be a good time for that so stupid its hilarious crossover extreme action i came up with a couple months ago lol

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very yes

very yes

I have a really terrible idea that might work.

It should be a MVC-esque fighting game (SMEDIS2 VS. ZECKS) and features our characters from our series. Just an idea.

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a collab? even if i

a collab? even if i could bother that would probably be literally terrible due to pretty much every possible reason

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and that's why it's the

and that's why it's the greatest idea ever.

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the game should have a

the game should have a feature which isn't like all the 3 games of the series, the game can have levels which contains obstacles and enemies, and you would fight a boss fight at the end of the level, here's some boss ideas:

1. Green T-Rex (Forest level boss)
2. Dark Ninja (Ninja house boss)
3. Quackers (Armageddon City boss) (he comes from Black Squirrel's SHPDMBGWL4, i'll rip them since he haves 2 sprites, it mixes the funny duck image found from google images and then a metal slug tank, in the new style the tank is green and he gets a sword attached in his back)
the others you'll have to think them, maybe i have thinked one more:
4. Glenn Bleck (Magical Palace boss) (he's a man with a a top hat and he's found on this image and it is from waligie and the political machine: http://wiki.mfgg.net/images/thumb/7/7e/Glennbleck.jpg/180px-Glennbleck.jpg )

Did this idea you choose is best? :)

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Any person who references

Any person who references Waligie has good ideas.

Speaking of which, Justice Mustache Chronicles was supposed to be a thing, but my netbook died while it was in development. Shame.

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If you have your old netbook

If you have your old netbook died, you were making a early version.

Try re-making the game, it should be good :)

Here's more ideas: Unlike all 3 JM games, instead of MIDI files it contains OGG files (or WAV files) as music. There also should be segments like platform levels, side-scrolling shooter levels, FPS like Battle Shark by Taito, etc. but that game would take 1 month to finish. The total of levels are 15, which are more 5 than the 10 bosses in JM3.
Here's more boss ideas also (but there's few of them):
5. Schnauser (from Mario's Adventure by Noyb) (along with Quackers i'll rip him the sprites too)
6. George W. Bush (he's evil because he got posseded by Quackers.)

I got a pack from my friend which contains OGG music which comes from some games like Gradius 3, Parodius DA!, and some random stuff which is 8-bit chiptune music and even funny videos in audio.
When i have time i'll gotta send you them, i have recently slow internet.
P.S. i am your best friend i played all your JM games, they were awesome! :D