The Sad D00d


A lot went into this run of the sad d00d and I'd say a good 8 years of work is what is at exhibit here.. You have interactive fiction at.. Well, I don't know about its finest, but it's applicable. You're this d00d, and like he's sad... what do you do? There are at least 5 threads for each choice, and you have the opportunity to add to it...

Sad d00d could end up anywhere, there's so much missing here, so much that should be parsed, and yet it is all in tact and should stay on the side.

    And it even includes its own unfinished traditionally done illustrations with charcoal and pastels.

Being that the story has been mainly a collaboration of exchanges between me and the older ug, it is my honour to present it on ice, The Sad D00d. Paste discussion below as well, add if you're intrigued, and the visual aid is on the first few pages. Any more and I'd be giving spoilers. -BC_

The UG
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Glorious GDC Gameboree 2010


is that your website? I like

is that your website?
I like your art! This sad d00d thing is wonderful (although I understand nothing about it)! These visual aids are awesome!