Captain Apache's Penguins

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Edit: one song newgrounds version up.. Has the funky captain apache theme sung by Cleef himself. upside down mouse engine is butchered in this version, but alas nothing crashes either in this version. TGF version requires a download but has many silly midi files. Take your pick.

Hmm, this took a long time so I hope you enjoy. If you like lee Van cleef, you like penguins, you're in for a treat..

Uhh, some frames seem to crash if they get too excited, so uhh, = skips them, backspace backspaces them.. there's some plot development boards cuz some people said i need more plot.. double click ckip.. or = to skip em...

TGF1 has that bug where sometimes things slow down a LOT and stuff, uhh, taskman and right click the application apachepenguin.exe process and setting affinity to work on one core... i dunno, i have it sometimes..

I hope to solve all compatibility issues eventually new grounds ing/flash objecting it but that might timetaketh

Some sound effects by me... cool text from, it's very very useful.. irfanview is anotehr application i used a bunch... picture above not in the game by me, and traditional art done by me..

Upside down mouse driven sidescroller engine inspired by the double screen portable console, and YOU... ENJOY... And keep it on ice.

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Glorious GDC Gameboree 2010