We have got to stop forgetting to update the Kontest page lists...

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I always keep seeing recent Klik of the Month contests forget to be included in the Klik of the Month list for up to several months on end. For example, I just checked over there and it's missing contest #30 and 31. It's also technically missing #32, since that one just ended. Come on, people! You really need to keep this page in better sync with the contests.

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The page is a wiki, so you

The page is a wiki, so you could update it too!

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Hi .KKliker, The list is a

Hi .KKliker,
The list is a wiki page which any registered user can edit! Feel free to update it. See this thread for some details on how to go about doing that.

I promise you that the list isn't forgotten -- see this thread -- it's simply that as our little community has grown, the job of keeping our output properly organized has gotten bigger. I'll get around to updating it eventually, if no one else does.

In general, I am very interested in how to improve the world through terrible videogames, and am happy to invest in this site and this community towards that goal. So feel free to point out problems to me! However, in the future, please show a little more respect to the community when you do it. Part of what makes Glorious Trainwrecks work is its laid-back, no-pressure, low-investment attitude; making demands on how other people spend their time goes against that grain. We cool?

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I'll add some stuff.

I haven't yet gotten around to playing all the recent KOTM entries of the past few months (shameful, I know). I'm gonna play as many as I can between now and the pirate kart, so might as well add them to the wiki as I go.

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Year Length

The KOTM page piqued my OCD today.

Year 1     KOTM 00 - 10     11 Months     06/03/2007 - 03/17/2008
Year 2     KOTM 11 - 22     12 Months     05/07/2008 - 04/18/2009
Year 3     KOTM 23 - 33     11 Months     04/30/2009 - 03/13/2010
Year 4     KOTM 34 - 50     17 Months     04/11/2010 - 09/04/2011

Congratulations, everyone, on our longest year yet!

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We have warped the very

We have warped the very fabric of space and time!

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Here's hoping Year 6 is even

Here's hoping Year 6 is even longer!

Now you've piqued my OCD. Your dates are wacky; you seem to be using the time the event was posted rather than the time it actually occurred.

KOTM 10 happened on 04/19/2008.
KOTM 11 happened on 05/17/2008.
KOTM 23 happened on 05/23/2009.
KOTM 33 happened on 03/20/2010.
KOTM 34 happened on 04/17/2010.

Glorious Trainwrecks' official birthday is April 24th, 2007. So KOTM 34 should be in Year 3, and Year 5 should have started with Timezone Lottery Klik Jam #2 (05/07/2011). Which was a pretty auspicious start, all told.