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A collecty avoidy highscorey game. This time trying out 8-way movement. Not into those controls.

I forgot to make it Christmassy.

The gray is just an indicator of time left. It is not actually the Advancing Wall of Doom it might look like.

Here's a Flash version:

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An event
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Wow, that's fun

I played both the version embedded on this one and the downloadable and I launched it on you organizer machine.. Your... site palm pilot so to speak. This is fun.. I like how it's so quaint.. What did you make this one in? Everything about it is intricate. This is the project you need a q&a for, and interviews. Just look at all the options of life it provides... Good look, sounds... SOLID.

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Cool game! I dig the

Cool game! I dig the embedded flashie, that's very convenient.

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Elegant! I like how the

Elegant! I like how the drops aren't random, but instead tied to a visible game element: you want to be close enough to quickly grab the collectible, but not close enough to hit a dropped enemy.