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oh my god it is now 2 in the morning

I did not intend to spend 6 hours on this

I am sorry Adam Saltsman and Danny B. Style for taking your work and adding so little

I am sorry Pizza Time for putting pants on your magnificent pixel Santa sprite

(but you can hit shift-P to take them off)

Deliver presents to all of the children of the world! Don't fall off a building before you finish or Christmas will be ruined!

Jeremy Penner
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An event


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On showing him this game

On showing him this game this morning, my son said: "You should make Easterbalt where you're the Easter bunny trying to outrun the asteroid that kills the dinosaurs because it takes place in dinosaurland and also you should make it so that instead of buildings you jump on dinosaurs."

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Your son is very wise.

Your son is very wise.

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Background Music

Hey there,

I really do like the song that is playing in the background of the game - where do you have it from / what kind of licence is it?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings from Germany,

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It's under the "oh god

It's under the "oh god please let Danny B. be cool with this" license; I just added the sleigh bells.

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That's freaking great. That

That's freaking great. That is freaking great.

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sleigh run

This is clearly the prequel to Kristmas Run.

And now I want to add jingle bells to things because that is hilarious.

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Dicken's INFERNO was what

Dicken's INFERNO was what made me realize that the presence or absence of jingle bells is the sole determinant of whether music is Christmassy or not.