Christmas Activities

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made in TGF1


A collection of games for kids of all ages, featuring:

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF CHRISTMAS: Tell Santa how much you love him to get the best gifts!

SNOW DAY: It's been snowing non-stop, and you know what that means! Not only is there no school, but you can go out and play in the snow!

TREE DECORATING: Time to put up that Christmas tree, and decorate it with candy canes and ornament bulbs! Be careful to not drop any!

LETTER OPENING: Woah, what's this? A stockpile of Christmas cards from all your relatives! Open em all up and see how many gift cards you got!

SNOWFLAKE CUTTING: Make paper snowflakes of your own creative design!

GIFT UNWRAPPING: Finally, it's Christmas Day! Unwrap your gifts to see what Santa brought!


Instructions are fully given within the game.

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I don't know why this one wasn't noticed

But synonym for dang to be all calm.. that's how to rep a holiday. Even though there wasn't one of these this last year, this one's good enough to rep multiple times, like at least good enough for 3 entries. it's hyper, it shouts at you right in your face telling you what's up, and BAM it makes your head dizzy and stuff. I don't know if this one was closer to achieving the challenge but it's still my favorite one because I didn't expose to it too much, it's got some serious snow going in the title which might be my favorite part. I remember being so hyped up when i saw it and just thinking about that time I still am, this was a SERIOUS service you've done to fellow holiday-people and even though I've got a soft spot for the holidays merry Sochelnik, I don't know what to get you so uhh, here's one that really peaks the effect, I hope it's alright. A greeting card for a greeting card. have an Exil Chaistmas!

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Thank ya kindly, for the comments and the SWF!