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Yo. I want YOU to create a GAME. But not some ordinary game. YOUR GAME MUST HAVE the name that the generates.
The games can be awful, terrible, and any other word that describes the bad thing. So, create the games! You have an entire Christmas season to create the game! Also, please, make the games 64-bit compatible, so the 32-haters can use them!

Games made for CHALLENGE


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Stealing my challenge? ha

Stealing my challenge?
ha ha ha no

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actually i dont think this

actually i dont think this user knows you did this event before

and is actually just trying to invoke activity

and is totally innocent


Also, I think this is

Also, I think this is different(albeit only slightly) from yours in that it uses a different random generator: also, I would love to see this concept in action.

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No, the generator's the

No, the generator's the same. Here's the list of previous events with this theme:

However, I am OK with this because I have THREE (3) cool names I've generated during the past events, but not found time to turn into games. I hope this event gets edited to run quite a while longer!

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This event doesn't have an

This event doesn't have an end date. Do you want this to last for the rest of the week, or maybe until New Year's?

Oh I hadn't noticed it

Oh I hadn't noticed it didn't have an end time and I was wondering "how did I miss that?" Anyway, the name generator gave me "The Castle of the Worm Legends" so hopefully I'll have something done in the following days...

Also, happy hollidays :)

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I'm gonna try to make

I'm gonna try to make something for this next week.

Meanwhile, I got this title that I can't think of a game for, but I feel like other people should know about it/make something for it:

Surprise Dating of Might and Magic

the arm of the judge

the arm of the judge unattainable Mighty is - it is neither selfishness nor vain, it's just a debt that I have loaded by a youth did loose on me, and to their pay me back then look in your palace.