Towsif Khan's Pokemon: A Different Game


When I was a kid I saw the Pokemon anime before I played the games. The games are awesome but I have always wanted something a bit more inspired form the anime, those ridiculous combo moves or those different creative ways to use each Pokemon.

This is a test drive of my imagination, something very small and simple to just put out there and see what others think of it.

I would some day like to make a complete game of this sort, something more complicated, where the players can catch and choose which Pokemon to use per battle, some randomness during battle, and even evolutions occurring during battle, a good story and etc. It is a bit too ambitious and so will depend a lot on how well this demo is received, so let me know what everyone thinks of it.

The game:
5 different endings, less then half an hour to beat all the endings, the player would have to choose an option from a list of two every now and then and see things unfold.

Resources: - sprites - Pokemon cries - tiles(in rpgmakerxp format) - pokeball sound effect
Pokemon Missingno album - 'battle for the badges' song - Pokemon logo
rpgmaker vx rtp - few SE sound effects, 1 sprite and pictures used in the animations

I do not own Pokemon, its characters or anything related to it. Credits for the resources goes to its respective sources mentioned above, credit for everything else goes to me.

Towsif Zahin Khan
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Yes yes yes, this is great.

Yes yes yes, this is great.

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This is so cool

I remember when the first Pokemon game for the 64 came out that I expected it to bridge the gap between the worlds of the game and the show instead of just animating the battles with 3D models.

This is amazing. You've executed things incredibly well. I love the implications for what this would be if you continued to open it up. My eyes water with joy at the idea of a game like this on the scale of the actual Pokémon games, with nigh unlimited choice for play styles and progress. And anything between that and just more of this is going to be wonderful. Please keep us informed about future developments with these ideas. Can't wait to see more.

Thanks guys! (it me: saiten hazard)

Thanks guys!
If not for google I would have never read these comments. For further comments could everyone please post here, ( Then I would know instantly. And sequels(if ever) will also definitely be blogged there.