For ExciteMike: ExciteFlight

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Take to the skies in ExciteFlight, a game for two players! Steal as much gold as you can from the sky, but watch out for the cloud gods trying to protect their treasure!

Press Enter to begin. The basics are explained on the title screen and in-game.

This should hopefully satisfy all of ExciteMike's wishlist items:

- being funny! (I hope)
- chasing (dogfighting)
- being chased (cloud gods)
- combos (your gold gets scattered when you die, I guess that's close enough to a combo system)
- unusual movement schemes
- speed increasing as you play (a bit hard to notice but it's there)
- momentum (turning is momentum based, but kinda hard to notice)
- not even being able to control speed at all
- multiplayer

As a bonus, it also features a soundtrack taken from Donkey Kong 94!

An explanation of the different Special Events settings:

None - No special events. Good for getting a feel for the game.
Random - The first two rounds don't have special events. All other rounds will feature either a cloud god or a dogfight, chosen at random.
Dogfight Only - All rounds are dogfights.
Cloud Gods Only - All rounds feature a randomly chosen cloud god.
Crazy - In this special mode, both dogfighting and the cloud gods are featured simultaneously!

Keep in mind that this game has had no actual multiplayer testing. I'm not sure how balanced it is, but I did try to make some careful design considerations, EG. the ammo spawns at a random time during dogfight events, so let me know if I need to tweak anything. It also might have one or two small bugs left, and I was hoping to add some more cloud gods/tweakable settings. I might continuously update this thing, but for now I think it's ready for initial release.

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Oh man oh man oh man. I was

Oh man oh man oh man. I was expecting like one thing on my wishlist not all of them :D This is awesome!

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slick game beeman! I'm

slick game beeman! I'm always jealous of how smooth your games are :)