Spider Extermination: For YetiSeekingYeti

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Sorry, YetiSeekingYeti, the only thing in this relating to your wishlist are Lasers, and even then it's not the same kind.

Hold Z to fire, don't overheat!
You have 30 seconds!

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An event


You will not push back the

You will not push back the bloodstained, then the hand of friendship in no more shall rest, for he who has managed the office of executioner is, the Loneliness was consecrated and to avoid the gaze of men.

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holy crap YES this is

holy crap YES this is awesome!

denks for the this. It's manic.

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good song choice smedis,

good song choice smedis, it's p fun. I thought it'd be easy to abuse the game by just tapping the fire button but woah that doesn't break anything, so clearly you've put more thought into this than I have. I like that in a game.