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PIRATE CARD OFFICIAL ENTRY NO. Are you ready for intense action?
There will be 16 playing cards, will be the creator who will?
Play to get! Enjoy the world! Make game for SMEDX Rainbow console of plays!


You may leave it to me,

You may leave it to me, Comrade Windsor. I am no hardened old journalist, I fear, but I have certain qualifications for the post. A young man once called at the office of a certain newspaper, and asked for a job. Have you any special line? asked the editor. Yes, said the bright lad, I am rather good at invective.

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Any special kind of

Any special kind of invective? queried the man up top. No, replied our hero, just general invective. Such is my own case, Comrade Windsor. I am a very fair purveyor of good, general invective. And as my visit to Pleasant Street is of such recent date, I am tolerably full of my subject.

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bcunderscore has evidently

bcunderscore has evidently been assimilated by the spambot horde and must be terminated.

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actually i think hes making

actually i think hes making himself a little story just from this comment thread

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I think he might have just

I think he might have just gone crazy. Or possibly he has passed off all his commenting to a Markov Chain Generator.

crazy for tv dinners..

Well, my inbox from my old webspace blew up and i ended up with these snippets... I notice how much it sounds better when read aloud.. It truly is a remarkable story and at 4 am it ... spoke to me.

Taking full advantage of the benevolent laws of this country governing libel, I fancy I will produce a screed which will make this anonymous lessee feel as if he had inadvertently seated himself upon a tin-tack. Give me pen and paper, Comrade Windsor, instruct Comrade Maloney to suspend his whistling till such time as I am better able to listen to it; and I think we have got a success.

That was the end of it. I'll try to go back to my regularly scheduled jarky self from here on out.. but it's hard. I have to control it like patrick stewart controls the borg. How he do it, I don't know? but I will look to him for inspiration while he tells us charles dickens christmas tales or travels around on a boat, because like, he was always a boat man. RERAIL.