Ansi Amateur voice acting Mdickie Fun Secret Xtreme Programmer art Ansi Fun Ansi Serious Mdickie Amateur voice acting Fun Steve

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Ansi Amateur voice acting Mdickie Fun Secret Xtreme Programmer art Ansi Fun Ansi Serious Mdickie Amateur voice acting Fun
Steve moraff Attitude Fun Serious Ansi Programmer art Attitude Ansi Attitude Ansi Programmer art Ansi Programmer art Serious Fun Mdickie

is a secret santa game for HUGS you can read what he wanted in his game here

If you want to know more about the game you should just start playing it.

It was made in TGF1, so all you KNP'ers who wanna break it open: just a heads up!

Made For: 
An event



LOOK AT THAT PIE CHART.. It's so colourful it makes you wanna eat pi!! I could just sit there and eat pie right now GO RUN BO GO GO ahhaa sometimes the ladies they like these kinda of games what game do you eat now pie part I haven't even fired this up in excitemike's exciting flight sim sim and I"m already hyped up just looking at this pie chart oh wow it lookw like a RAVE or a FOUNTAIN this is EVERYTHIG I EVER WANTED and it's not EVERN FOR ME GOOD JOBN NMEOEOMEONEMO SO FOUNATANEOUS and SPONTANEOUS I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY BUT IM GONNA LET GO OF SHIFT and it's gonna be the best thing probably since that time you put all that snow on the board it drove me crazy look at all that snow WOWOWOW spepseaaaaarrooone.

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ahahahaha i love this you

ahahahaha i love this

you have made 2012 worthwhile

thanking you !!

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you're welcome!! thanks for

you're welcome!! thanks for all the great ideas to start from, I had a blast making this :)

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10/5 This is amazing and the

This is amazing and the voice acting is too.

Well, considering I actually played it this time

I am kinda in another universe here, like that time that crazy dog came up with an lj and I didn't know what to say I can link you to that later.. Uhh, like I have the door closed, in my room, kinda cold... I'm so lost, like where am I? Who am I?

The platformer parts were awesome, it felt like so much fun listening to sweet beatz and just cruizin around, either in the rc car movement, or the platform... I was ... bamblown. I kinda felt like you incorporated more than just to please your dedication, since you added in that superzzt feel for me, and gave it a little sense of, where am i this almost has a smedis feel to it, this isn't your , well then i caught myself thinking there's no usual mno game. he doesn't play by the rukes, the rules and rocks of society. I feel like even though probably the most work went into the gameplay boards, what you had there was solid gold, and I could just see myself happy playing double that in gameplay boards... I would be happy playing more of it.Especialy on that one board, I'm thinking "wow, I gotta ask where he got dat midi, it feels like the whole band's here daaang" and then it looped, then I knew something was different.

Your overdeveloped sense of self preservation, turn it off for this one folks.. You don't need an cocktailcrafting kit or a Queue Du Coq cocktailcrafting kit or whatever it's called nowadays. It's nothing but stringozzi surpent and candy blast so grab your seal tooth, go to the mine and find your favorite chocoboa cocoa or rhesus monkey cuz you got your monkey in my peanut butter and just BAM, go for it and cash in your toast, your candy, and your uhh, strings! yeah, strings! of the stringozzi, but BAM. This one'll get you thinking.