Ladies' Auxiliary New Year's Limbo Ball #17

Sat, Jan 26 2013 04:00 PM
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Ladies's Auxillary YIELDS to klikbot's event.. I posted this due to no oncoming events, less than 7 hours later klikbot SPEAKS ... I have parsed it to your liking. Leave input for more parsing, and please still stop by to say hello for the limboyear on the 19th and only come back a week from then if you were uhh, satisfied with the atmosphere that is terminal.

Has it been almost 2 years since we've obtained a Ladies' Auxillary Klik of the Month Ball? I know it's been 2 since the last successful dance. We obtained so much party favors and I summoned them every day back then and sent noisemakers and everything to friends adn family, or at least my brother who also plays kol, that's what I was doing in 2011.. Where were you?..

Here we have an open canvas... and an opportunity. The last one collected moth balls. But this time, I think opportunity arrives and with a little bit of planning we could have ourselves a ball that can be considered an event, one that can be remembered..

I hope eventually klikbot infiltrates this event and makes it his own or if someone thinks they can plan it better I will by golly retire my spot and make a better event.

I think everyone could use an uninspired light show since I'm sure I wasn't here but it rang the new year in like no other.. Chinese new year isn't till February 10, and if you follow it out, it's a 15 day Celebration. New year's eve is otherwise waiting for a ball to drop. But we here have an opportunity like no other..

It falls on this day... the 20th... Right between the first and the 10th of February.

So, get over the new year, Prep yourself in advance for the new year.. because it's still 2012 somewhere out there!!! If your birthday is a multiple of 12, you're still in your dragon year! Need a visual illustration? I spent many hours on this in... well.. 2011 because I was a week ahead rushed it.. Traditionally done, while I took the time and did each by hand, and now you can too! Move over dragon to amuse the snake. Talk about a year of fear.. Read up on the snake here and fear or no fear

REMEMBER the memories of 2011 here!!!

Looking at that I don't wanna persuade you to take part but to at least ... celebrate the chinese new year with me. I know you don't do it.. or you do but don't celebrate the new year, so why don't we all set aside our differences ladies and men and have this ball, and meet right in between?
Let's do this to kick in a half-decent year and worst case scenario things go sour and we all part ways we'll always have this event to look back and say.. we did it.. Personally I'm up for suggestions.. even a hostile takeover if done diligently. those with the power edit in whatever you want here..

And chat with us why don't you? Obviously say hello during limbo year, but it's IRC on #glorioustrainwrecks a lot of us would like to hear from you, to say thank you for getting us to where we are, and it feels so formulated leaving comments in places you're not sure if the recipient will see without regularly clicking recent changes. Make a cameo and you'll be greeted as a friend and accomodated the best we can..

Take note the limboyear can be celebrated and partied over for the whole day, make a game, write a story, and say hello. and take care!

Games made for Ladies' Auxiliary New Year's Limbo Ball #17


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Special Topic: "Remake Wind Waker"

If you're out of ideas for this one, might I suggest you remake The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in the style of a klik?!

Ah, so many memories... the giant bird, the sassy pirate lady with a secret, that fruit that lets you mind-control seagulls, the bit where Link makes a face, the bit where you hookshot a statue while wearing the iron boots... truly an epic on par with Wagner's Ring cycle. Any one of these moments could make a grand klik indeed.

Thank you for being a friend

I have never played windmaker cept this one time when it was set up at a kiosk for demo playing, there was a little pig and it would beat you up or you could beat it up... link didn't know what to do d00d. I'm not sure if I'm on par with windmaking, but your voice is heard. Because we all better listen to L rhyme, because being street struck will get you nothing but a bullet or jail time.