FOR MKAPOLKA Dr. Awesome's All-Nite Vampire Saloon


Enjoy everyone.. Posted in the right event as it is a name generator title, I just added Dr. Awesome to it. More info in the link provided. Enjoy, share, I made it for everyone with everyone in mind. Welcome to my world. I hope this game that I spent the past month parsing gives you a nice tour.. If you don't like what you can see you can press BACK on your browsers or even = to skip frames.. just make sure you've clicked on the flash object or else at least in opera it increases the font/stuff size. and if you like something backspace, yes, no yes I've explained the rest at that link so enjoy!

Update! I received a couple let's plays, initially I requested the first but both came as a surprise.
Let's play by goldenhog with his consistent collaborator CAPTAINSTEWPID. This showcases the game better than I could have dreamed of and I give gratitude for that.

And another Let's play by IndieArtArchive I appreciate second handedly collaborating with you as well.

Thank you. I won't give the spoilers out.. The second reviewer got the Richard Jacques and TJ Davis track to stop by clicking it out of its sound channel. This can be fixed by backspacing to the first frame. I debated whether to make the sound non-interruptible, or make it breakable as an easter egg. I'll leave it bugged as a lesson for other trainwreck developers. Both groups are experienced LPers and I endorse their work, and other arts.

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories


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this uggs hard

Dang dude woah there is so much going on all the time, I'm like "how did this happen?" it's am ystery. Nobody but BCUNDERSCORE can ever know.

Your welcome for having me in it, I am glad I have been recycled (in more than one ways!)

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holy mackerel this is the

holy mackerel this is the best christmas present ever, and voice acted too! i am so feeling the sunshine right now. i really liked the the way you lose control of the hunchback in the recycle mno scene and how the hamburgers all face you in the hamburger eating scene. pairs well with snsd