A couple flash objects for you to reenjoy.

Playing through some of these games has given me a spirit for klik n play and I really like these releases. Some people aren't fortunate to have the windows 16 bit working and I like to pass games along to my ug for them to enjoy to get a real sense of appreciation for a good short game and the beautiful klip art many of these entries possess. The tracks are sweet, sometimes they need a little nudge with the right soundfont, and they carry the game to its completion.

Alright, let's try that again.

DELIICOUS by nano:

This was probably the first game here I enjoyed. Actually it was glorious redemption but this game was in there as kind of a dvd extra, a minigame if you will, but it holds its own.. There's a brutal boss level but that's part of the charm. A powerful message is put in this one and really makes you feel an emotion not prehistorically felt.

Scramble the Eggs by mno

Yeah well I'd have to say this is one of my favorites on the whole site. It's so suave you don't know what to do with it. When first running it you don't know what to expect, but you just kind of jump in.. If you haven't played this one, now's your chance. Scramble 50 eggs and keep trying until you get it right. It's worth playing through this one, full of so many surprises in so little frames. You may want to click THE NODE FIRST so you have a sense of the documentation since I didn't really go so far as to put it in the html file of the flash objects, but he wanted you to know this and that you know.

A Man, a tree. by Zecks

you are out for a walk in the park...
but whats your goal?

jump with shift, bananas are not allowed

Talk about haunting, this one just plays just right, no surprise breaking, just enjoy. Lovely everything about it, and don't touch the bananas if you can help it obviously.

POLICEMN by oligophagy

This one's nice, very short.. just the name alone is cryptic, wants to draw you in.. and the klipart.. what beautiful use... yeah, this one's a keeper.

So yeah, play away, click on the image to link to the game, and if you like them, leave a comment.. user comments are what keeps people less frownie, pledge your support like I did when I took the time to make this post and give them all flash objects so anyone of any o/s can enjoy so long as they can run flash objects in the first place. on the top left of each game there's a link that says NODE (node name) click that and you're back to where you... well, where I think you want to be..

Also there are PLENTY of flash objects that are already out there, they're live out there, on newgrounds or wherever. More on that on another setting and time.



avery's picture

your flash version of

your flash version of delciious vastly improves the original

only because of the way the audio is fucked and how the sounds constantly overlap each other, progressively getting louder.

also i should make an unofficial sequel to policemn

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Yay, thanks for making it

Yay, thanks for making it easy to play Delciious! Now I can go play Suspiciious...

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the fact that you were

the fact that you were actually wanting to play delciious intrigues me.

perhaps i shoulve announced/uploaded the versions of my games for newer computers haha.

enjoy suspiciious, i planned on it being a proper sequel to it but it sorta fell flat because i ran out of ideas lmao.