Rogue Shaving Pimps

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pretty gross actually. not advised you play it if you dislike a singular slur which is in this or murder of things with slightly in depth descriptions and


dont play this

originally made for a twine game jam by porpentine

2018 Extra Notes: This one is interesting, to say the least. I'm not too proud of some parts because i feel what happens in the second ending is completely unnessicary for one thing but then there's also the aforementioned slur... Despite that though, this twine shows off my regular comedic writing style nicely. I'm absolutely enamoured by the universe I vaguely mentioned through this game tbh. I kind of want to do a successor to this game set in the same universe but like...actually good? It's just a very interesting setting that I didn't flesh out at all, which possibly makes it all the more intriguing.

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An event


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man replaying this theres

man replaying this theres some good bits and some bits which i werent there anymore and bits i wanna expand upon

im really sorry for some of the parts in here like ok i know its kind of the character for the person you play as in the beginning but yeeeah no im sorry

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Hey, feel free to edit out

Hey, feel free to edit out problematic content and reupload. I've done this with a number of games of mine.